Holiday Gifts Ideas for Seniors on a Budget

December 17, 2018

Holiday shopping is stressful enough without worrying about finances. With most seniors in the US living on a fixed income, chances are you know a parent or relative struggling a bit with their Christmas list. Regardless of people’s circumstances, it’s often the simple and inexpensive gift ideas that end up being the most meaningful! If you’re trying to help a senior manage their holiday giving, here are some great ideas we’ve come up with ourselves and have learned about from our wonderful community families:

  • Give some favorite recipes: For seniors who’ve loved to cook, why not help them gather some favorite recipes on cards to bundle up and share! A priceless gift that family members and dear friends will treasure.
  • Regift a favorite book: Most of us want to share what we love to read; have Dad go through some old titles he might want to pass along!
  • Buy some inexpensive cozy accessories: Who doesn’t love a new pair of warm mittens this time of year? Department stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Target make it easy to pop in and buy these types of gifts cheaply and quickly, often bundling them together in gift idea displays right when you walk in the store. An easy outing with a senior who’s mobile!
  • Gift homemade baked goods: If Mom loves to bake, buy up some disposable baking tins and make batches of easy festive treats like cranberry bread or peppermint brownies. Check out some quick dessert ideas at Taste of Home.
  • Make a candy jar: Craft stores like Joann Fabrics often sell mason jars and candy in bulk; fill some up with holiday treats for Dad’s friends and neighbors!
  • Give the gift of light: Candles are always welcome gifts for dark winter days. Buy some glass votives, glitter glue, and candles at the craft store and think of simple designs for you and Mom to whip up in an afternoon.
  • Stitch up a lavender sachet: If Mom or Dad is a god with a sewing needle, lavender sachets are easy to make and hugely popular. Grab a roll of simple, inexpensive fabric and dried lavender at a craft store like Michaels and you can have a dozen made in a few hours.
  • Share some warmth: Buy some inexpensive mugs at the dollar store and fill them with a favorite brand of tea bags, or hot cocoa mix!
  • Give some fun and games: Experiential gifts have become the most popular in recent years. If Mom has grandchildren to buy for, why not give them a deck of cards or a board game, along with a coupon for free lessons! Most kids these days aren’t as up on the classic games, and would love some one-on-one time with Grandma.

Did we miss anything? Share your ideas with us in comments!