Project Overview

Needed Housing Options for Area Seniors

LCB Senior Living is a Massachusetts-based developer and operator of high-quality senior housing communities with roots going back nearly 30 years. The company’s management team were among the pioneers of modern assisted living in the northeast, and have created and/or managed approximately 50 senior living communities throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic states.

LCB has partnered with Welltower, a renowned real estate finance company and current owner of the Carter Mill building, to redevelop the property into quality, age-restricted housing for seniors. Most-recently an assisted living community, nursing home and medical offices (Avery Crossing and Avery Manor), the building has been unused and empty since 2017.

Our proposal is to completely renovate the existing building to include 72 independent living, 55 assisted living and 28 memory care living apartments. 9 of the Independent Living apartments would be designated as affordable, with preference given to Needham residents.

The proposed renovation would not change the building’s current footprint, but does include the addition of 10  apartments and a deck on approximately 35% of the rooftop space, set far back from Highland Avenue.

In order to accomplish this, we will be requesting a zoning change at the fall Town Meeting. Prior to the Town Meeting, we will be going through a community process with the Planning Board, Select Board, our neighbors and other stakeholders to make sure everyone understands what is being proposed and has the opportunity to provide input.

Our traffic studies show that this proposed use will generate fewer car trips than the previous use and other allowed uses of the property. In addition, the project will be revenue-positive for the community, contributing full real-estate taxes and a number of other economic benefits all while placing very little burden on public services.

The Residence at Carter Mill pays homage to the original home of the William Carter knitting mill factory, the country’s leading children’s clothing manufacturer which was founded in 1865.

Community Collaboration


Michael A. Stoller, CEO:

We believe that collaborating with host communities always results in a better project. That’s why it is important for us to collect feedback from residents, take it to heart, and revise our plans accordingly.

It is our promise that we will continue to operate in this manner at every step of the development process. Whether it is updating this website with the most current information about the project, or hosting community meetings or one-on-one meetings, we will keep everyone as up-to-date as possible.

Please continue to check in here for updated project renderings, project facts, upcoming municipal meetings, or if you have a question you’d like answered. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with the Town and residents. We welcome questions and feedback at anytime. Please contact us at (781) 619-9325.

We also encourage you to visit LCB’s website to learn more about how we do business.

The Residence at Carter Mill Petition of Support

  • I support The Residence at Carter Mill, which will give new life to 110 West Street in Needham Heights (former nursing home and medical office building) with new housing choices for local seniors.

Project Facts


  • The site at 100-110 West Street encompasses 4.3 acres
  • Building will encompass approximately 200,000 square feet, including covered at-grade parking
  • Will include 155 Independent, Assisted and Memory Care living apartments
  • 9 Independent Living apartments will be affordable.
  • Physical footprint of the building and site will remain as-is



Project Benefits


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About LCB Senior Living

LCB Senior Living, LLC is New England’s second largest developer and operator of Independent, Assisted and Memory Care Living communities. Established in 2011, LCB is distinguished by its beautiful campuses and insistence on the highest caliber of hospitality and service.

This commitment to service colors daily life in our communities—whether they be new buildings we construct, legacy communities such as this one or the communities we manage for third-party owners. It is also embodied in the other key pillars of our company: the highest standard of resident care, professional-grade culinary services (Anytime Dining), thoughtful and intelligent resident engagement events, clean, welcoming buildings, and every aspect of the experience that we provide.

LCB’s leadership has experience in New England senior housing that goes back to the early 1990’s and carries a reputation of building communities that are beautiful, successful and positive members of their host communities.

To contact LCB Senior Living, call (781) 619-9325.

Senior Living Options

The proposed community will include Independent, Assisted and Memory Care living options along with temporary and respite stays. Please click the tiles to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is LCB Senior Living’s Needham, MA proposal?
A: LCB is a proposing to revitalize the currently-dormant Carter Mill building in Needham Heights to provide a continuum of non-medical housing and care for seniors. The community would create 155 Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care apartments, along with an array of amenities and service for residents.  These would include private apartments, utilities (heat/AC, electric, water), professionally-prepared meals, indoor swimming pool, a host of common areas, 24-hour staff support a daily schedule of education, culture, entertainment and recreation, and much more.   In addition, the proposal includes a complete upgrade and re-landscaping of the property and its parking areas.

No change in the building’s footprint is being proposed, although we are seeking to use approximately 35% of the rooftop set far back from Highland Avenue for 10 apartments and outdoor seating space.

Q: Where is the proposed project?
A: The Carter Mill building is located at 100-110 West Street in Needham. The property was most-recently an assisted living community, nursing home and medical office space. Historically the building was home to the children’s apparel company that gave it its name first opened.

Q: What is the existing condition on the proposed site?
A: Currently, the site is vacant. Our plans will keep the existing building as-is; any construction will be inside the building and the addition of 10 rooftop apartments.

Q: Who is the developer?
A: LCB Senior Living, LLC is a Massachusetts-based developer/operator of high-quality senior housing communities.  It’s leadership team were among the pioneers of modern assisted living in New England in the early 1990’s. Formed in 2011, the company owns and/or manages over two dozen communities throughout New England and the mid-mid-Atlantic states. LCB currently assists ~2,000 residents and employs more than 1,800 full- and part-time associates.  LCB is partnering on this proposal with Welltower, a renowned real estate finance company, and current owner of the Carter Mill building.

Q: What is the process to get this project approved?
A: We are seeking Town Meeting There will be many public forums and meetings regarding this project among neighbors, residents, stakeholders and Town Meeting Members. Additionally, the proposal will be reviewed by town boards and ultimately at future town meetings for several special permits.

Q: Why build this development in Needham?
A: The short answer is because there’s a genuine need that isn’t being met. Currently in Needham, there are 4,216 qualified senior households (with projections to increase 12.8% to 4,756 over the next five years) and 433 combined independent living, assisted living, and memory care units in Needham – resulting in a possibly unmet demand of over 3,700 units. Our goal is to provide safe, desirable communities for seniors looking to affordably downsize while remaining independent in the town they know and love.

Q: I hear this is a low traffic generator – is that true?
A: Senior living developments such as this one are typically low traffic generators. This proposal calls for just 32 AM peak trips and 44 PM peak trips.

Q: How will this project impact the town, financially and otherwise?
A: This development will generate substantial net annual taxes for Needham. This new tax revenue will help defray the ever-rising costs associated with public safety, education, and other annual operating costs. The project will have a positive impact on the local economy while remaining a quiet, attractive neighbor committed to being an exemplary and involved community member. Also, because this is a housing community geared solely for seniors, there will not be an influx of large families with children that would put a strain on the Needham school system. The project would provide new full-time and part-time jobs, both during construction and upon completion of the community, and inject an estimated $3.2 million into the local economy.

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