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Imagine You Being You Again!

Imagine having more time to do the things that make you happy: catching up on the best-seller list, getting out to the theater with friends, learning a new language or just relaxing with the people you enjoy. Imagine life without the worries and stresses of maintaining a home. Imagine you being you again. This is the life that awaits you at The Residence at Watertown Square.

Our stunning Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care community, located in beautiful Watertown, puts a premium on service and hospitality while providing a wealth of amenities to make life easy and enjoyable.

Serving Watertown, Belmont, Newton, Cambridge, Waltham and other fine communities.

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A CEO's Perspective


Michael Stoller, CEO, discusses what makes LCB Senior Living unique and what inspires and motivates him every day.

You Are Welcome Here

The LCB family is an inclusive one, welcoming people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations. Our workplace and communities
are enriched by diversity, and all of the things that make you distinctly you!


When deciding on a senior living option, there are many things that contribute to the value you receive for your monthly rent. While there are tangible benefits such as a private apartment, three chef-prepared meals per day, transportation, daily engagement activities, 24-hour staffing & security and more, there are many less tangible but highly valuable aspects as well.

Great Assisted Living Care is Our Hallmark!

We specialize in providing expert Assisted Living services. From support with activities of daily living (ADL) such as walking escorts, bathing, dressing or toileting, to more extensive needs, we tailor care to each individual to make life easier and more fulfilling.

  • Personalized care plans to meet daily needs
  • Medication management and administration
  • Crushed medications
  • Oxygen assistance
  • Support and coordination of advanced care needs (with third parties)
  • All associates certified by the National Institute for Dementia Education (NIDE)
  • A continuum of care to meet evolving needs
  • And more!

A Simple Quiz to Help Plot Your Course

Let us help. We’d love to show you everything our community has to offer. Answer a few simple questions to help us understand what’s important to you so we can provide an experience tailor made to meet your needs.

Service Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart is a dedication to hospitality and service. Our community is your home, and you deserve to feel comfortable and attended to in a courteous, professional manner. To that end, we hire and train hospitality specialists who not only provide a great lifestyle, expert care and family atmosphere, but do so with an unfailing attention to service. Watch the video to learn more.

Community Engagement

Our residents have enjoyed rich life experiences, and our community’s Engagement Program is as unique as the individuals who live here. Your days will be full of opportunities for continuing education, culture, physical wellness and fun.

You can view our Independent and Assisted Living newsletter and calendar here.

For our Reflections Memory Care newsletter and calendar, click here.

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Shann “shanny” The Residence at Watertown Square
I worked at this place and I have never found any other place like LCB. Am in florida now
A Place for Mom
The Residence at Watertown Square
I am very happy with the facility and the staff staff. They are very nice and friendly. I did find, on the day we moved my mom in, there was no one really there to give us any direction and we didn't really know what we should do. They assumed that we should know what to do, as we did not. But when we asked any questions, they were extremely helpful to give us answers to our questions. The young people that work in the dining room are extremely nice and friendly. But there seems to be a disconnect between them in the kitchen. We were told by [name removed] that if she just wanted soup, she could ask for soup. So, on the day she moved in, she ordered soup and they said they didn't have any soup. We were a little surprised that an Assisted Living community would not have soup, especially where their residents typically are much older and you know how much they love their soup. Basically, I would say communication has been the biggest hurdle. Now that my mom is understanding the system, it is easier. For example, they told us that when you did your own laundry, the detergent automatically went into the machine. But no one told us that we had to press a button to get the detergent into the machine. So her first couple of loads were washed with no detergent. I also went up a week or so ago as they had a holiday party. I thought it was quite nice. They have tons of activities for the residents, which I think is fabulous! Now that my mother is feeling much better after her short stay in a rehab, she is going to the exercise class. I am happy that she is there, as now she's making new connections versus being in her apartment before where she was pretty isolated. She is also making friends! As far as recommendations: I would say the dining room definitely needs more staff. And lots of times there is food on the floor left over from the night before. It should be cleaned better. I'm not blaming the young kids that are doing their best to work as wait staff. But, I don't feel whoever is in the kitchen is stepping it up.
James The Residence at Watertown Square
I visited this facility Holiday Summer Place was very convenient. The units were beautiful, and they had a beautiful dining hall. Everything was perfect. If there was one thing that I liked least about it was they didn't have medical people onsite that could help my mother. I had to bring that in from the outside. So, that was really the only downfall. The staff was excellent. John, the manager, was outstanding. He has actually followed up with me several times just to check in and see how my mother is doing. I thought everything was outstanding and very well cared for. Everything was clean. He showed me a few of the units that were available. Everything was updated. Really, all you need to do is put furniture in.
A Place for Mom
Kelly The Residence at Watertown Square
Facility is very tidy and located near several churches, drug stores. There is a bus that goes directly to Harvard Sq. Staff are very kind and speak to residents like adults. I would recommend The Residence at Watertown Square to others.
A Place for Mom
Michael The Residence at Watertown Square
My sibling is a resident at The Residence at Watertown Square. This facility is an extremely friendly place. They make the new residents feel very welcome. We are happy to have chosen The Residence at Watertown Square for our loved one and would recommend the facility to others looking for a facility for their loved one.
A Place for Mom
The Residence at Watertown Square
We took a tour of The Residence at Watertown Square during our search for a Memory Care facility for our loved one. The cleanliness and friendliness were great. We REALLY liked this community! However, it was less convenient to get to for us.
Parth The Residence at Watertown Square
Great friendly staff that create an amazing atmosphere for all residents!
NATASHA The Residence at Watertown Square
I am coming up to my 1 year anniversary with LCB. I am the Reflections Director at the Residence at Watertown Square. The support that I received coming in was truly like no other company I have worked for in the past. There were specialists supporting me, trainings, as well as being a part of groups of current directors to help build support my development which usually is expected in your first couple of months with a new position or company but my surprise that support has not diminished by any means. You never feel like you’re alone. There’s always a person to reach out to whether it be email phone call or text message. The specialist and the seniors are all eager to help support as well as help you grow in your role. I am also so grateful to have become a part of such a supportive department head team at the residence at Watertown Square. We are always eager to help one another and support each other’s teams and departments in anyway. I truly feel that in this past year, I have gained another family with my coworkers, staff, residence and their families.
A Place for Mom
The Residence at Watertown Square
I am currently a resident at The Residence at Watertown Square. My experience at this facility has been very good so far. The care services are great. The friendliness and food are both okay. The cleanliness and staff are good. The activities and value for cost are also good. Overall, this facility is a great place. I have, and will continue to, recommend The Residence at Watertown Square to family and friends.
Ralph The Residence at Watertown Square
Our exposure to The Residence was an exceptional learning experience. Jennifer Anthony demonstrates professionalism with passion, intensity, and dedication while assisting the family in every way to accommodate an effortless transition to senior living. Kathy & Ralph D’Alelio

Lifestyle Technology

We use the latest technologies to make your life easier, provide engaging programs and keep you safe. Click below to learn more about how we enrich our residents lives.

LCB Senior Living has partnered with REACT Neuro, a groundbreaking company that is transforming the world’s knowledge of, and access to, cognitive health information and aims to provide unprecedented insight into how our brains change as we age. The program hopes to provide access to data that will help predict the likelihood of a number of conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, urinary tract infections, fall-risk and more.


“I don’t think this is the tip of the
iceberg, this is the tip of the universe.”
– Michele Gannon, Vice President of Quality Control & Care


This exclusive collaboration between LCB and REACT allows us to deepen our commitment to our resident’s health and provide them with information that identifies health risks before they occur.

Seniors clapping during an activity

Hospitality Services

  • Complimentary transportation
  • Visiting healthcare professionals
  • Exercise space and classes
  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry and linen services
  • Maintenance and handyman




Living Rooms

Entertainment Space

Parking Garage


Private Dining


Fitness Spaces

Your Home on a Grand Scale

At The Residence at Watertown Square, your home is much more than your apartment. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful spaces to make life interesting and comfortable. Living rooms, private dining, landscaped grounds, a fitness area and bistro — all of these amenities are part of your grand, new home.

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