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Dining: A Delicious Difference

We take great pride in a dining experience that will make you right at home, whether in our elegant Marguery Dining Room, which has the ambiance and quality of a fine restaurant, or in the more casual Barnard Pub, or in our Country Kitchen.  Our unique “Anytime Dining” plan means that you can enjoy our fabulous menu on your schedule–just drop in when you’re hungry like your favorite restaurant, and eat what you crave!  Our professional chefs use the freshest farm-to-table ingredients to conjure delicious entree choices at lunch and dinner—and breakfasts made-to-order.

We also pay close attention to any special dietary requirements that you might have, creating custom menus to suit any taste.

The dining room table is the center of family life for many, and at The Residence at Riverbend we provide the warmth, tastes and sweet smells that will make you right at home.

Click HERE to view our “Anytime Dining” menu!

“I never thought I would be having so much fun at my age and eating so much good food.”

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