Imagine You Being You Again!


Formerly Traditions of Wayland

Imagine having more time to do the things that make you happy: catching up on the best-seller list, getting out to the theater with friends, learning a new language or just relaxing with the people you enjoy. Imagine life without the worries and stresses of maintaining a home. Imagine you being you again. This is the life that awaits you at The Residence at Paine Estate, a beautiful community built on the grounds of the former Paine Estate, where the mansion has graced the town of Wayland for more than a century.

This lovely community was recently acquired by LCB Senior Living of Norwood, MA, which has been managing Traditions for the better part of the past decade.  LCB has more than 25 years of senior living experience, and owns and operates communities throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic.

Our beautiful and historic Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care community puts a premium on service and hospitality. Just as the warm, comfortable spaces here contain decades of memories and happy times, this is a community that is as unique and full of character as you are.

Proudly serving Wayland, Weston, Sudbury, Lincoln, Framingham, and other fine communities.

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A CEO's Perspective


Michael Stoller, CEO, discusses what makes LCB Senior Living unique and what inspires and motivates him every day.

You Are Welcome Here

The LCB family is an inclusive one, welcoming people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations. Our workplace and communities
are enriched by diversity, and all of the things that make you distinctly you!


When deciding on a senior living option, there are many things that contribute to the value you receive for your monthly rent. While there are tangible benefits such as a private apartment, three chef-prepared meals per day, transportation, daily engagement activities, 24-hour staffing & security and more, there are many less tangible but highly valuable aspects as well.

Ask about our monthly rates, which start at $3,500 for a beautifully-appointed studio apartment.

Great Assisted Living Care is Our Hallmark!

We specialize in providing expert Assisted Living services. From support with activities of daily living (ADL) such as walking escorts, bathing, dressing or toileting, to more extensive needs, we tailor care to each individual to make life easier and more fulfilling.

  • Personalized care plans to meet daily needs
  • Oxygen assistance
  • Support and coordination of advanced care needs (with third parties)
  • All associates certified by the National Institute for Dementia Education (NIDE)
  • A continuum of care to meet evolving needs
  • And more!

A Simple Quiz to Help Plot Your Course

Let us help. We’d love to show you everything our community has to offer. Answer a few simple questions to help us understand what’s important to you so we can provide an experience tailor made to meet your needs.

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Service Sets Us Apart

Our community may be beautiful and well-maintained, but what truly sets us apart is a dedication to hospitality and service. The Residence at Paine Estate is your home, and you deserve to feel comfortable and attended to in a courteous, professional manner. To that end, we hire and train hospitality specialists who not only provide a great lifestyle, expert care and family atmosphere, but do so with an unfailing attention to service.


Everyday Gourmet

“One cannot think well,
love well, sleep well,

if one has not dined well.” 

– Virginia Woolf

The famed author’s words capture our culinary philosophy perfectly. Our chef-driven restaurant combines gourmet dining principles with variety, wellness and a true restaurant experience to put meal time in its rightful place: at the center of a perfect day!

Community Engagement

Our residents have enjoyed rich life experiences, and our community’s Engagement Program is as unique as the individuals who live here. Your days will be full of opportunities for continuing education, culture, physical wellness and fun.

You can view our monthly Engagement Calendar below.

See what our residents and families are saying!

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A Place for Mom
Betty The Residence at Paine Estate
We have been very happy with Traditions of Wayland. I live far away, but from everything I have heard it has been great. They were very helpful and accomdoating during the whole move in process and continue to be so. One thing I found out this week is that they have a physician on site once a week and he can come in and do lab work in your loved ones room, that way you do not have to take them out to the doctors office. This has been a God send to us. I would highly recommend Traditions without a doubt.
A Place for Mom
The Residence at Paine Estate
We toured with Traditions of Wayland and liked what we saw. They had just been bought out so they were in the middle of changing/re-doing everything. The sales person who we dealt with was great. We just felt another facility we were looking at was going to be a better fit.
Jeff The Residence at Paine Estate
Jeff Leupold for my father, Mat Leupold I have been here at Traditions a little over two years having moved here in Jan. 2019. Born in 1924 in Jamaica NY, I have lived in Mass. all my adult life, in Wayland since 1955. A minor flooding incident in my house led to the decision to change my living situation. I had long considered Traditions as my next home. I knew the Paine Estate history. I had known former residents here, and I was conscious of the demographic, i.e. residents from similar towns. With my sons Jeff and Chris we made an appointment and visited Traditions in Nov. of 2018. I chose one of the available rooms we were shown. I was qualified for independent living status, i.e. I could take my pills by myself. My move here in Jan. 2019 went smoothly at both ends. I have a room with a kitchenette, a bedroom, a bathroom, and 3 closets. I am comfortably surrounded by things from my home. I was by myself for nearly 10 years with my late wife Lillian in a nursing home with dementia and ultimately deceased 6 years ago. Independent means I take my pills by myself, but seriously, if or when I do need assistance it will be provided to me in my apartment. Pre pandemic life was comfortable. I felt welcome by fellow residents and by staff. All were friendly, and there were activities here and away. The food was good - the day of the week couldn’t be determined by what was on the menu. Although I had been able to manage my life and house, I liked the relief from nuisance home owning responsibilities. Pandemic life here was well organized. The feeling was that we and the staff were in this together. It was a comfort to feel that we were being well cared for. Mask discipline was maintained with a sensitivity for feelings. Regular Covid testing results brought reassurance. - Mat
Bob The Residence at Paine Estate
Reflections at Traditions is an excellent memory care facility-the staff does whatever is needed to make their residents happy and safe Thanks to Tatiana and her team
Laura The Residence at Paine Estate
My mother has been a resident of Traditions of Wayland since 2015. She is now in the Reflections memory care unit. The staff is top notch and has taken such good care of her during this difficult pandemic year. The Reflections director is wonderful about keeping us updated on my mom’s activities by sending photos and emails, and patiently assisting my mom with frequent face-time calls to us. The staff is responsive and makes sure my mom has friends and engaging experiences, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. It is such a relief to know my mom is valued and well cared-for.
Jody The Residence at Paine Estate
My mother moved into the assisted living area of Traditions several years ago. The entire staff was warm, friendly and courteous as were the residents. The activities director engaged the residents in interesting projects and monthly outings to a variety of places. On occasion, musicians came in to play for and serenade the residents, which they thoroughly enjoyed. During holidays and birthdays, families were invited to join their loved ones for a delicious luncheon or dinner. My mother transitioned to memory care at Traditions after one year. The area houses 12 residents and is a more intimate space, which is ideal for people, who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Due to the supportive staff my mother acclimated to her new home within days. The residents are kept busy during the day with various activities. Before COVID, families were invited to themed events that included entertainment and food. My mother enjoyed both. The memory care director is very hands on and is devoted to each resident. She is in regular contact with family members, which has given us the opportunity to become well acquainted. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone’s needs are met and everything runs efficiently. The aides are very kind and competent, who take excellent care of my mother. Throughout the pandemic, families receive regular updates about the Traditions community, which are appreciated. If you are looking for a nurturing, lovely environment where your loved ones will be well cared for, Traditions of Wayland will meet your expectations.
Margie The Residence at Paine Estate
My sister moved in to Traditions two years ago. We all loved the feeling and atmosphere of the beautiful old home. And she LOVES her room with the huge windows overlooking the back yard and the beautiful sunsets. I get to watch many of them with her on FaceTime. She is a walker and the path that goes to the river behind the home is her favorite place to walk. The staff has been wonderful and very helpful and does an amazing job of keeping Traditions Covid free. Antonio, the chef, has been especially attentive to her special dietary needs. She loves the art classes, the movies and the exercise classes. And the staff also plans great seasonal activities as well. I love to visit and look forward to coming again when it is safer to travel.
Ted The Residence at Paine Estate
The Paine Mansion is just stunning...I love this community.
Jay The Residence at Paine Estate
For the past 3 1/2 years, Traditions has been a welcoming home for my mother. They made her transition to independent living easy and enjoyable. Although she participates in fewer activities now and is receiving more support services from Tradition, it continues to be a safe and comfortable home where she has made some strong friendships. The staff has been great during the past year, in spite of the pressure the COVID-19 pandemic placed on them and on the residents. Thank you Traditions of Wayland!
Matthew The Residence at Paine Estate
My father David has called Traditions his home for over a decade now. We, as his family feel extremely grateful for all the care and attention he receives on a daily basis from the amazing staff. As a non-verbal, wheel-chair bound resident David presents challenges to those trying to understanding his needs and address his concerns. However the staff at Traditions are patient and diligent and the communication of these concerns with resident care, nursing and the front desk is exceptional. They were also extraordinary through COVID times, continually adjusting in order to protect the community and communicate with families. All in a warm setting with a great dining and social events. Would highly recommend to anyone considering Traditions for their loved one.
A Place for Mom
Michael The Residence at Paine Estate
Don't come here. It's too small. Breakfast is good, but dinner is terrible. There are almost zero activities going on right now, and I understand why due to Covid. It's a small population, and most people don't participate or interact. I think they're overpriced. As I understand they're at the top end of the market for the cost. Apart from that, everything is fine. It's a nice building, pleasant architecture, and the grounds are quite pleasant. The service is average, and I understand a lot of this is Covid driven. Not all of it, but some of it.
Stuart The Residence at Paine Estate
My mom has been at Traditions of Wayland for just over a year in an apartment in the assisted living section. The setting is idyllic, located in a renovated mansion overlooking conservation land on the Sudbury River. The staff is friendly and professional; they go out of their way to be helpful and treat the residents as family. The food is served by waitstaff in a homey and bright dining room with linen tablecloths. There are multiple daily activities including some trips outside the grounds. A lot of positive things have happened over the past year, including renovations (painting, new carpeting) and new hires. Having my mom there has provided me with peace of mind as I know she is in great hands. Overall, I am very happy with the place. If you or a friend/family member are thinking of moving to assisted living, I recommend you check Traditions out!
Mary Ann The Residence at Paine Estate
Almost 15 months have passed since I wrote a very positive commentary of my mother’s experience at Traditions of Wayland. If it is possible to improve upon excellent, then I would have to again strongly endorse the staff and facility. From the friendly, warm greeting by the staff at the front desk to the very special attentive, knowledgeable, caring and helpful nursing staff, the delivery of world class service is steadfast. The Executive Director, the Activities Director, the Head of Finance, the Head of Food Service, the Head of Maintenance and the Head of Housekeeping are personable and will take the time to listen to and to resolve any concerns promptly. There are regular meetings with the residents to update them on what seem to be continuous upgrades and upkeep to this beautiful facility as well as to ask if the activities are satisfactory and what additional activities would be desirable. It is also an opportunity for the residents to provide their insights on the enhancements to the facility and to make suggestions for the future. As the primary person responsible for my mother’s care, I am at the facility a number of times a week. I am always impressed by the cleanliness, the creative activity schedule and the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. This facility is especially fortunate to have a gifted Activities Director with an outstanding, professional singing voice who provides occasional concerts which are immensely popular with the residents. Music is an important part of his program and he sings with his heart. There are also fairly frequent performances including piano concerts, choirs and singing groups. There are wonderful outings to museums, restaurants etc. They have a number of events at the facility that include the families of the residents, especially around holidays. They have frequent barbecues on the beautiful patio. The Head of Food Service is savvy about the dietary needs of the elderly and is seen regularly in the dining room asking if the meals are satisfying. I find the residents to be happy, welcoming and engaging whenever I visit. My mother is healthy, happy and loves living there. That is a strong testament to the quality lifestyle that is provided at Traditions of Wayland.
Anne The Residence at Paine Estate
A Place for Mom
Ann The Residence at Paine Estate
I have lived at Traditions of Wayland for about 10 months, and it couldn't be better. I visited other places at first, but they were overwhelming. It’s so friendly at Traditions and you get to know so many people. I think my favorite part of living here are the activities, they are very well done. I love going to all of the events they host here?they are superb, very informative. The care staff here are well educated and simply wonderful. They are willing to deal with everyone and all of our different care needs. The entire staff takes the time to get to know who you are and they have really become my friends. Also, the food is excellent and the dining staff really work hard to make you happy and to be helpful no matter what. I really have to say the staff here is great and they care so much.
A Place for Mom
Mary The Residence at Paine Estate
My dad was determined and prepared to remain in his Wayland home. He moved to Traditions of Wayland in December for a two month “respite”, not long after a bad fall and several broken bones required hospitalizations and weeks in rehab. When the Traditions Resident Care Director, came to his discharge planning meeting I knew he would be in good hands. [name removed]’s intelligence, compassion, expertise and kind sense of humor inspired trust and optimism. Her resident care staff are especially cheerful, responsive, respectful, skilled and kind. I look forward to seeing them whenever I visit. About halfway through his “temporary” stay at Traditions, my dad decided to become a longer term resident and now lives in a nice apartment furnished with his favorite belongings. He has developed friendships and relationships that are meaningful and bring a new kind of purpose to his days. I am continually impressed by the quality of care and assistance he receives. The staff is responsive, communicative, cheerful, thoughtful and dedicated. From welcoming and informative greeters at the front desk, to the kitchen staff and activity planners, administrators and maintenance staff, everyone is dedicated to providing a pleasant and meaningful experience for the residents. I am grateful and proud to feel part of the Traditions of Wayland community.
A Place for Mom
Mary-Verdella The Residence at Paine Estate
Traditions of Wayland encompasses a serene life and intimate atmosphere within a gracious, historical estate. The various lounges are clustered in close proximity which enables crossing paths throughout the day and making residents feel "at home" with one another. The sunny patio and pretty gardens are welcoming nods to a breath of fresh air and seasonal "parties." The Resident Care Director is selective in admitting residents who will fit in well. Once admitted, every effort is made to enable residents to remain in their units without being displaced to another facility. As time passes, if additional personal attention is needed on a daily basis, it can be provided. At least the promise to keep one's place at Traditions is given from the start. The residential care team reviews individual care plans on a routine basis, and necessary adjustments can be agreed upon. I give the aides tremendous praise for their kindness above all. This is what residents appreciate the most! Patience, promptness, and respect are the standards provided by the aides. No matter what the request may be, cheerful attention is given. A variety of entertainment and activities keeps residents on the lookout to participate out of personal, individual interest. Very popular with residents are the recitals given by local adults and youths, and this is a great venue for the performers as well. Occasionally there are special dinners with an interesting theme where guests are invited to attend gratis -- very popular with residents, family members, and guests. Traditions' staff assist and interact which makes for a good party. Best of all, these times allow family members to relate to one another and feel validated for all that is required of us at our end. We also enjoy feeling appreciated for the encouragement we're constantly giving at every visit. Traditions has been in transition for the past year whereby some qualified personnel have been replaced, and that's been unsettling. The new Executive Director is very approachable and is taking a devoted, personal interest in the residents and their families. Such personable, executive functioning trickles down to staff and residents, but also to us, the family members. It's a good thing we can all feel "at home" in this special place.
A Place for Mom
MW The Residence at Paine Estate
I moved my parents into Traditions of Wayland this year. The facility is located in a country setting in what was formerly a mansion. The beautiful exposed brick in some of the hallways, the warm mahogany paneled library and the bright and attractive dining room and adjoining patio create an atmosphere of home that is unparalleled. I chose this facility after interviewing and visiting other facilities. Traditions of Wayland offers independent living, assisted living and memory care. From the minute that I walked in the door at Traditions, I knew it was the right place for my parents. The staff was kind, warm and caring. I was impressed as I watched how the residents were treated. I was even more impressed when I asked the residents if they were happy at Traditions and they went out of their way to reassure me and my parents that they would be very happy there. My parent's apartment was welcoming and roomy with views of the patio and countryside. The apartments are kept very clean, the food is exceptional and the waitstaff is accommodating. They have excellent exercise and activities programs. When my dad's health began to go downhill, the staff made allowances to make sure that he felt welcome, that he was given world class service and that he could stay with my mother through it all. When he died after only a month at Traditions, the kindness and caring extended to my mother was not to be believed. The staff went out of their way to engage her in activities and to make sure that she met others who had experienced the same loss and could offer support. My mother looks relaxed and happy and feels better than she has in a long time. What could be a better testament to Traditions of Wayland.
Seniors clapping during an activity

Hospitality Services

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  • Visiting healthcare professionals
  • Exercise space and classes
  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry and linen services
  • Maintenance and handyman



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