Visitation Policy

Our LCB visitation protocol has changed in accordance with state mandates.  We take containment very seriously and are dedicated to keeping all our residents safe.

  • Some communities have begun allowing window visits if they are healthy, and their states allow such visits. Other changes are being contemplated as well.  All residents and families will be contacted directly as such visits are beginning in your community.
  • Only essential visitors (family, domestic partner or another person designated by the resident) will be allowed to visit a resident inside the community, and only in the case that an MD or Advanced Nurse Practitioner has determined that resident to be at the end stage of life, with death being imminent. Visitation of such residents will be limited to one visitor, per resident per day.
  • If a resident goes out with family or on their own, they will need to isolate for 14 days in their apartment on return or get themselves tested twice at least 24 hours apart with documented negative results from a testing site or medical professional.
  • Social distancing, hand washing, donning of mask, and respiratory etiquette must be practiced by all.
  • Residents returning to the community following a hospital stay must present a negative COVID-19 test result and or have documentation from their physician stating they are virus-free. A complete assessment will be done and reviewed by two nurses.  They may also be required to self-isolate for 14-days.
  • Our communities will be equipped with additional iPads that will be readily available for Skype or other types of remote communication. We strongly recommend the use of technology to communicate with your loved ones for the time being.
  • All tours of prospective residents and families will be conducted “virtually.”
  • No vendors will be allowed in our building unless it’s essential. All non-essential capital improvement work and other vendor business will be delayed until further notice.
  • We have cancelled all meetings of outside groups and individuals (support groups, clergy, town officials, etc.) that use the community to host gatherings until further notice.
  • Our receptionist will be screening everyone who enters the building and taking the temperature of all essential visitors, associates, family members and residents daily. We will log the temperatures at the front desk. If any visitor’s temperature is over 100.3%, they will not be allowed in our building.
  • We will also require all visitors to have their wash their hands and/or utilize available hand sanitizer whenever they enter or exit the community.
  • We have mandated that all visitors enter the community through the main entrance way only. We will lock the other entrance points in our community (though they can be used for emergency exit).
  • If someone has traveled abroad or living with someone that has traveled abroad in the last 14 days, they are prohibited from entering our community. If someone has been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, or has had possible recent exposure a positive COVID-19 situation, they are prohibited from entering our community.
  • We are limiting LCB corporate, regional and field-based personnel community visits. To essential visitors.
  • All guest meals are discontinued until further notice.