Dining: A Delicious Difference

We focus on variety, choice and the freshest local ingredients.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

– Virginia Woolf

The words of this famed author perfectly express our dining philosophy.

Food is a tradition. Sharing food with friends and loved ones, learning how to make something new, or even simply eating well is so immensely important. And at the core of all this is the knowledge that good, wholesome food is essential to a good, healthy life. These have been our guiding principles in developing our culinary program.

Our chefs hail from some of the nation’s finest restaurants and have created extensive menus and daily specials featuring fresh, local ingredients, creativity, and a love for cooking that makes our culinary program one of the most successful in the industry. In addition to being delicious, our recipes promote good brain health and physical well-being. We are constantly refining and evolving our menus to make the dining experience interesting, dynamic, and, most of all, satisfying.

Under typical circumstances, LCB communities feature our unique Anytime Dining, which allows residents to order anything from our breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu, anytime throughout the day, on their schedule.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

Take a look at our sample menu (please note that different communities have slightly different offerings).

Our Partners

Each community sources fresh local ingredients while
working with the finest national providers.

Dining vendor logos

Bistro Grab & Go

In select communities, LCB Senior Living is piloting a “Grab & Go” lunch option at our bistros. Featuring our partner, Boar’s Head, our chefs are preparing gourmet deli sandwiches for residents to pick up and enjoy.

Ready for Your Mouth to Water?

How proud are our chefs of their work? They independently created the @thesterlingchefs Instagram account to showcase the food that is actually being served in our communities. We think you’ll be as dazzled as we are by their creations!

Savouring Your Way to Good Brain Health

Every detail of our dining program was carefully researched and modeled after the adage What’s good for the heart is good for the head. It’s well known that what we put in our bodies has a direct impact on our physical and cognitive health. Our chefs work with brain health experts to marry delicious recipes with ingredients known to aid in keeping our brains robust and our bodies strong. Their unique talents ensure that we never need to sacrifice delicious for healthy!

Bistros: A Center of Social Life

Most communities feature cozy bistros that are host to special luncheons, happy hours, parties, and other social gatherings. Join our chefs for cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, and good fun! In many ways, they’re among the most vibrant and popular social centers of our communities.

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