Fostering New Friendships

Fostering New Friendships in a Senior Living Community

September 13, 2019

In an age when technology has made it a breeze to communicate with people from all over the globe, research shows that our society feels more lonely than ever before. For the ever-growing senior population, this is especially true, with 43% expressing feelings of extreme loneliness and isolation. Experts agree that seniors who engage in social pastimes can combat these feelings while preserving their physical and mental health. Creating social connections has been shown to lower a senior’s risk for depression, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. However, making friends over the age of sixty-five can prove to be a challenge for many reasons, including less access to transportation, health-issues, decreased mobility, and a lack of resources in one’s community. 

Independent and assisted living communities offer up an excellent opportunity for seniors to widen their social circle, forge new friendships, and regain a sense of self-confidence!  

For seniors who live alone or no longer drive, a senior living community allows for independent living while having an entire community of friends, neighbors, and health-care workers within arm’s reach. When residents are feeling lonely or in need of conversation, they have the option of meeting others in common areas or outdoor spaces. Engaging in casual conversation will not only help them to stay connected but will also spark mental stimulation and improve cognitive skills.  

At all LCB Senior Living communities, residents can choose from a wide variety of events and programming found on our monthly engagement calendars. Trips to local museums and restaurants, baking and gardening clubs, language classes and documentary series, painting and pottery classes, and lectures from local professors and experts; these are just a glimpse into the types of opportunities and experiences our communities provide. Residents are encouraged to join in on activities that align with their interests, to try new things, and to suggest events that we might not yet offer. In doing so, they can meet other residents and bond over a shared experience or interest. Our engagement directors work hard to understand each resident’s personality, their likes and dislikes, and their hobbies to provide them with opportunities for socialization. 

For the more than three-fourths of seniors who prefer to eat their meals with others, mealtime in a senior living community allows residents to break bread with friends rather than eating alone, or not at all. Sharing a meal with others can help to create companionship while reducing stress and boosting one’s mood.

A senior living community is a no-brainer for seniors craving conversation and connection in a place that feels like home. For more information and answers to your questions regarding senior living, check out our solutions guide.


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