Resident Engagement

An active lifestyle of culture, learning, recreation and fun!

Our residents tend to be engaged, curious individuals who have had a range of life experiences, from business success, to travel, to education, a love of the arts and a large range of passions.  They rightly expect that living in our communities will be an extension of that, and LCB is known for offering varied, intelligent programming designed to entertain while including opportunities for continuing education, culture, physical wellness, and other programs that reflect who we are as multi-faceted individuals.

We build a lifestyle that is as interesting as it is fun, all based on our Five Principals of Vitality: Continued Learning, Arts & Culture, Physical Fitness, Community Connections and Wellness & Self-Care.  LCB believes that these elements are key to promoting personal growth and well-being, and underpin as many a 10 programs each day.  Residents can be as involved as they wish, always with the option to relax with a book and a cup of tea in their lovely private apartment.


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