A Closer Look at Memory Care

June 14, 2014

It’s 10 o’clock at night, you’re physically, mentally and most of all, emotionally exhausted but after today’s incident (it’s the third time this month your father walked into the neighbor’s home thinking it was his own), you know it’s time to consider senior living. While skimming over the pamphlets that you hoped you’d never have to use, you quickly realize there are a number of senior living options and aren’t sure which one is right for your father; how do you choose?

There are three primary levels of senior care living, and choosing which one is right for your loved one is dependent on their current and near-future cognitive and physical ability. When choosing Independent or Assisted living you’re opting for less day-to-day help and more of an engaging, active and safe community for your loved one to enjoy. Sometimes this is all that’s needed and it’s a great alternative for many seniors who don’t want to live by themselves. But for those seniors who suffer from a form of dementia, what is needed is assistance throughout the entire day; this level of care we refer to as Reflections Memory Care.

The LCB Reflections communities are highly-structured, attentive and secure environments, yet maintain a level of warmth and care that is hard to find elsewhere. The daily agendas are created to instill confidence in the resident’s abilities and help strengthen their weaknesses. The Reflections program is a place where residents are encouraged and cared for by the staff and each other. Besides this, residents enjoy other amenities such as top-notch dining services, assistance with remembering to take medications, a choice of apartments, and much more.

LCB Senior Living also allows residents to easily transition from one level of care to the next. If your loved one was recently diagnosed with dementia, is not yet showing severe signs of the disease and isn’t comfortable moving directly into the Reflections Memory Care level they can start in Independent living and easily transition into a higher level of care program; LCB provides the support needed to ensure this move is hassle-free.

This is a difficult time for every family but when it’s all said and done the outcome is always one of relief. Between the devoted staff, the secure community and the fulfilling daily agendas, you’ll be able to sleep easy at night knowing your loved one is in the best place he can be in.