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Our communities feature full-coverage WiFi, along with some of the latest
technologies to make life easier, richer and more connected.

LCB has partnered with REACT Neuro, a groundbreaking company that is transforming the world’s knowledge of cognitive function and how our brains change as we age. In select communities, and soon throughout the entire portfolio, our residents will have access to data that will help predict the likelihood of a number of conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, fall-risk, UTI’s, and more.

This revolutionary technology was developed by a team of renowned scientists, engineers and doctors from Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, the National Football League’s concussion protocol, and other notable organizations.




“I don’t think this is the tip of the iceberg; it’s the tip of the universe.”
– Barbara Hamilton, Vice President of Quality Control and Care




(Select communities) Each Independent and Assisted Living/Personal Care apartment includes (at no additional charge) voice-activated Amazon Echo technology, which enables residents to access a wealth of information. From the daily calendar (“Alexa, where is yoga today?”), to dining (“Alexa, what are today’s specials?”), to daily announcements and much more, Alexa brings the community alive through simple voice commands.

And that’s just the beginning. Alexa also includes all of the powerful Echo functions available in the home, from news and events, to podcasts and music, and all of the myriad abilities that this technology offers.

We also employ Eversound technology in all communities, which is an amazing product designed to help residents better-enjoy lectures, movies, music, and any number of audio-centric programs. This lightweight headphone system is wireless and easy to use, and brings programming to life for residents who like a little audio boost.


Each community utilizes Connected Living in a variety of ways.  Digital signage throughout the building helps residents know menu specials, what the Engagement schedule for the day looks like, and creates our monthly Newsletter and Engagement Calendars to keep everyone updated and connected.

In addition, our Connected Living services are fully integrated with Amazon Echo (“Alexa”) technology in certain communities.

At the front desk of each community we use Accushield, a visitor management system designed to sign in families, friends, third-party caregivers and vendors to keep our buildings secure and residents safe.

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