Budget Friendly Gift Giving Guide for Seniors

December 9, 2020

During a typical holiday season, shopping for gifts is stressful enough. Finding the perfect present can be even more difficult this year given the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that many seniors in the U.S. live on a fixed income. Because of this, you and your loved ones may be struggling a bit with ticking off the items on your shopping lists. Regardless of circumstances, it’s often the simple and inexpensive gift ideas that come from the heart that end up being the most meaningful. If your loved one is trying to be budget-conscious or simply wants to avoid heading out to the mall this year, we have some great gift ideas that you may like to share with them:

Create a Family Recipe Book

For seniors who loved to cook, help them to gather up favorite family recipes. Your loved one can write them on pretty recipe cards and bundle them up to give to family members. This is sure to be a priceless gift that family and friends will treasure for years, especially if the recipes are handwritten.

Share a Favorite Book

Many seniors are avid readers and like to collect hard copies of their favorite books. Have your loved one go through their personal library and re-gift one that they truly loved. Like a family recipe book, this is an item that can be passed down over the years and become a family heirloom.

Get Baking

Whether your loved one is a seasoned baker or likes experimenting in the kitchen, a plate of homemade baked goods is sure to please. Spend an afternoon in the kitchen together whipping up something festive, like gingerbread cookies or peppermint bark, and packing it up in cute tins to gift to friends and family.

Share a Hobby

Does your loved one have a hobby that they enjoy? Whether it’s gardening, sewing, painting, or woodworking, your loved one can offer up their time, maybe in the form of a coupon, to share their hobby with a loved one. This is an excellent way for seniors and their loved ones to bond and create memories to last a lifetime.

Get Crafty

If your loved one has a knack for crafting, encourage them to make something with a holiday theme that can be used as décor from year to year. Homemade wreaths, painted ceramics, holiday-scented candles, and potpourri are great examples. Maybe your loved one is an experienced knitter and can make holiday-themed scarves or a painter who can create a lovely winter scene.

Use Family Photos

There are so many things you can make using favorite or old family photos. Create and decorate picture frames filled with a favorite photo, create a photo collage, or make an album or scrapbook. Photos make wonderfully sentimental and treasured gifts that can be passed down through generations.

We hope your holiday season is filled with love, happiness, and the spirit of giving. As Pierre Corneille once said, “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”

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