Seniors walking on beach.

Fun Outings for Seniors and Caregivers

June 26, 2017

We can all benefit from switching up our routine from up time to time; for seniors and caregivers, a change of scenery is especially important in keeping a positive outlook, stimulating healthy cognitive activity, and breaking up what can feel like a stifling routine. Even for a person with limited mobility, there are lots of opportunities to grab that breath of fresh air and hit the reset button. Here are some easy ideas to get you out the door this summer!

  • Be an Animal Lover: On a sunny day, you might take Dad bird watching at a local park or wildlife sanctuary. Bring cold drinks to a dog park and watch the pooches play while you relax on a bench. When the weather’s not cooperating, visit a local pet shop!
  • Explore Your Own Backyard: If you live near a city, look into any open-air bus or boat tours nearby. They’re a great way to learn new things and see some beautiful sights without having to walk far. Otherwise, take a leisurely drive around town and plan some fresh air stops along the way – take a stroll (or just sit and people watch) at a park you’ve never been to, or around a pretty college campus!
  • Be a Sport: It’s baseball season, and there are plenty of low-cost opportunities to take in an inning or two – whether at your local town field or a grandchild’s little league game. If Dad’s into fishing, check your local tourism or state park’s website for possible areas to drop a line. Pools are another great option for seniors, whether they just want to dip their foot in the water or settle in for some low-impact water activity.
  • Treat Yourself: Outdoor food options abound this time of year; there’s no better season for planning an excursion to the local ice cream store, or exploring the local Farmer’s Market for some locally made cookies and baked goods. If mobility is an issue, take your treats to go, and enjoy them in the car overlooking a pretty spot!
  • Escape the Heat: If the weather feels oppressive, there are lots of indoor spots to steal a few fun hours away from the house. Check out the activity schedule at the local library or senior center, or take in a matinee at the movie theater. If Dad likes art, check out what’s being exhibited locally, or look for a painting café nearby. Knitting stores also often have regular group crafting times open to the public.

Did we miss anything? Tell us your favorite getaway spot in comments!