Celebrating Grandparent’s Day

September 9, 2021

Did you know that National Grandparent’s Day is celebrated every year on the Sunday after Labor Day? While both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are widely recognized across the country, fewer people are aware that there is also a day dedicated to our beloved grandparents. Grandparents and grandchildren typically have a unique bond that is proven to have many positive and long-lasting effects on seniors. Grandparenting boosts longevity, relieves stress, encourages physical activity, and improves socialization and cognition.

Whether you’re able to celebrate with your grandparents in person or virtually this year, we have some fun suggestions on how to show your love and appreciation for them:

Send or Bring Flowers

The forget-me-not is the official flower of Grandparent’s Day. If you’re able to visit your grandparent in person, bring along a beautiful bouquet of forget-me-nots along with their favorite flower. Otherwise, send some to their home with a sweet note attached.

Make a Video

Encourage your grandparent’s family members to make a short clip wishing them a happy Grandparent’s Day or remembering a favorite moment. If you’re visiting in person, bring it along to share or send it via email.

Put Together a Slideshow

Sort through family photos that span your grandparent’s lifetime and put them together in a digital slideshow. Add music that is meaningful to you both and watch it during your visit. Or, set up a time on Grandparent’s Day when you can call or video chat while watching.

Join in on a Favorite Hobby

Does your grandparent have a favorite hobby? Maybe they like to cook, paint, garden, or play the piano. Whatever it may be, bring along some new supplies as a gift and offer to participate in their hobby with them for the day.

Have a Chat

Grandparents are full of wisdom, stories, and anecdotes. Set aside time to chat with them and learn more about their life. As the years pass, you’ll be happy to have spent that quality time with them.

If your grandparents are no longer with you, consider honoring their memory on this day:

Make a Donation

Donate to a cause that’s near and dear to their heart. If your grandparent was in the service, choose a charity that supports local vets and their families. For those that were animal lovers, consider donating in their name to a local shelter or animal rights organization.


Ask family members to join you in volunteering for a meaningful cause in honor of your grandparent. Maybe grandad always enjoyed strolling through a nearby park that needs cleaning. If he supported a local food pantry, spend the day lending a hand there.

It is more than likely that your grandparent will be pleased by your thoughtfulness, no matter how you choose to celebrate them. Whether you get super creative or simply give them your undivided attention, your grandparent will be touched by the sentiment.

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