LCB Senior Living: Proud of Our Pride

June 5, 2023

June is Pride Month – when rainbow flags fly high, parades are plentiful, and acceptance is all around. A month to celebrate individualism and diversity is wonderful – but it is also something LCB is committed to all throughout the year. 

We all deserve a safe space to be ourselves, love who we love, and be accepted and respected. At LCB, we are proud to support individualism and self-expression so that all of our residents and associates can be their true, authentic selves. All of our communities are LGBTQ+ friendly, and all are welcome. 

The gender-fluid world we live in today can be incredibly freeing – but for those belonging to older generations, it can be a little overwhelming. What used to be taboo or spoken about only in private is now something we can all be loud and proud about. But for those seniors who aren’t as comfortable or cognizant of the current vernacular, there’s the beautiful idea of “allyship.” 

Allyship is simply living as an ally. Being someone who stands up for, supports, and includes the people around them. Even if our older loved ones weren’t raised with the same open and supportive mindset, being an ally is something everyone can get behind. There are many resources to help us all on this journey at any age or stage of life. When it comes down to it, don’t we all truly just want to be accepted and supported for being our true selves? 

As our culture as a whole leans toward being more open and accepting of individuals and their authentic selves, it comes as no surprise that with each generation, there’s an increasingly large portion of the population that openly identifies as LGBTQ+. This makes it more important than ever to be tolerant and accepting of individual people and their preferences.  

Even for our older generations, there are countless examples of same-sex couples finding love and companionship later in life. In fact, one study found that women are perhaps continually evolving and becoming more open-minded as they age. As life experiences accrue and relationships become more diverse, people can often find themselves more accepting and attracted to individuals themselves instead of a particular gender.

At LCB, we believe that everyone deserves respect, and to find love. To quote the famous politician and activist Harvey Milk, “If you are not personally free to be yourself in that most important of all human activities – the expression of love – then life itself loses its meaning.” In this light, in this month – and throughout the year – we are proud of our inclusive communities. Cheers to a full life filled with meaning and love!