Leadership Spotlight: Amber Evans, Director of Memory Care & Resident Engagement

May 23, 2023

When choosing a senior living community, it is easy to focus on the aesthetics and logistics. But it’s also important to know about the people and the philosophies behind the care and lifestyle. For that reason, we’re introducing you to Amber Evans, the Director of Memory Care and Resident Engagement at LCB. She loves what she does – and it shows! We chatted with Amber to learn a bit more about what makes her so passionate about her profession. 

  • What does it mean to be the Director of Memory Care and Resident Engagement? 

I have the honor of creating the footprint of what quality of life and thriving living looks like for the residents at LCB. We’ve created a whole new philosophy about vibrant living.  

One of the coolest things is that we’re creating a movement… and changing the way quality of life is seen in senior living. It’s a lot more than just keeping a full calendar–which we certainly do–but we’re providing quality engagement offerings that have depth and meaning.

  • You have a lot of letters after your name (MA, LCMHC, R-DMT, CDP, BC-DEd). What do they mean/what kind of training do you have?

I have my Double Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy, which is a form of expressive art therapy. I’m a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, and Board Certified Dementia Educator. I’ve been working in senior living for a little over a decade. 

I’m also the Vice Chair of Education and Outreach for NIDE (National Institute for Dementia Education). With this role I’m able to affect advocacy and resources to help grant funding and research projects, and create a community that is striving to know more–and do more–in regard to memory loss.

  • How did you land at LCB? 

I began my career working with children at an expressive art therapy center. These children were facing a variety of challenges such as PTSD, anxiety, and ADHD. Through the center, I was invited through a grant to lead a dance/movement therapy group for women with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease… and it just changed my heart. I quickly realized this was what I wanted to do forever… So I started doing contract work as an expressive art therapist for senior living communities and was then asked to apply as the memory care director at LCB. 

I started with LCB in one of their stand-alone communities, serving 87 residents with memory loss, then I was promoted to a specialist, then to my position now, overseeing all communities. LCB has become my family. 

  • What are the most important aspects of your job?

In regards to memory care, we are really leading the charge in our team’s dementia education, writing new pieces of education, bringing in new research, and applying it to help more individuals. I’m thrilled to be surrounded by so many like-minded people who are inspired to raise the bar.

  • What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is being able to touch people’s lives and make the lives of seniors exceptional. I love inspiring people to step outside of themselves and realize that this mission is bigger than a job; it’s a movement. 

  • What sets LCB apart from other Senior Living communities? 

First and foremost, our high standard for a thriving quality of life. I often think about my own parents… they are educated, had successful careers, raised two kids, and now… I think about how they’re aging and what they will want in their later years.

We believe that just because you’re getting older, you don’t have to water yourself down. As you age, you bring your wisdom with you and you continue to grow. You bring those experiences with you into the community–you don’t leave them behind. I love that we are bridging the gap between who people are and who they are still becoming. Really putting the LIVING in Senior Living.

Another thing that sets us apart is our commitment to education for everyone. Not just for the leadership team–everyone from the line cook to the nurses, to the COO, and anywhere in between–everyone has access to education so that they continually have more to offer the communities. 

  • Anything else you think is important to note?

When I look back and think about my grandparents, my Pepere (my Mom’s dad) and Grandma Evans (my Dad’s Mom), who both had Alzheimer’s… it is hard because I didn’t know what I know now. As a caregiver, granddaughter, and advocate… I could have done so much more if I knew. It brings me to tears, but now I know there’s still hope, and there’s still joy within an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. At LCB, we find that joy; we find the budding wildflowers along the journey. 

Amber’s dedication to helping seniors live their fullest lives is inspiring to all who work with her. Her passion is just one of the reasons that LCB is such an incredible community. If you’d like to know more about Amber, her team, or what LCB has to offer, please reach out to us. We’re always here, with hearts and arms wide open.