A Look at the LCB Culinary Program

December 6, 2017

Most of us look forward to mealtimes as welcome breaks in our day, when we can connect, socialize, and enjoy a meal with family or friends.  For residents at LCB communities, it’s no different – which is why our culinary teams put so much effort into creating mealtimes that are relaxing and rewarding and offered at our residents’ convenience. Our “anytime dining” approach creates a lifestyle at LCB where friends can enjoy restaurant-style meals and snacks, ordered off seasonal menus, that are freshly prepared whenever they want, however many times a day they want. Here’s a closer look at what defines our philosophy: Anytime Dining  
“First and foremost, our culinary programming is designed to give the freedom back to the resident,” explains Chief of Culinary Programming John Di Pietro. “Our community members use the dining room space as their home, with no time restraints on meals, and no artificial schedule to follow.” Just as they might do in their own homes, LCB residents can choose to structure their mealtimes however they please – minus the hassle of shopping and cooking. Our dining spaces stay open continuously from morning until night, with residents popping in for coffee and a light snack, perhaps returning for full breakfast in the late morning, skipping lunch and ordering dinner at 3. Early risers might prefer full breakfast at 7 and lunch at 11, with a light supper before turning in. Whatever schedule they’re on, residents and visitors are welcome to visit as many times as they like and order whatever food they like in that time frame.
Chefs with Experience
The chefs who are creating menus and managing LCB kitchens are recruited from the highest levels of the food industry. “Because of the demands of our a la carte program and the scope of our menu selections, we hire chefs with the broadest experience, mostly from the restaurant, catering, and hotel industries, “ explains DiPietro. “We find that applicant pool has the qualifications necessary to rise to the demands of what we’re providing each day.” Just recently, LCB hired one of only 68 Certified Master Chefs in the US to manage one of its New England communities.
Food That’s Locally Sourced
Whenever possible, LCB chefs design their menus around what’s available from local farmers and vendors. In Vermont, where the local quality is especially high, 70% of the food sourced for LCB properties comes from area farmers and other providers. Menus also reflect what’s fresh and seasonal in each region. In Massachusetts, that might include local cod served with fresh herbs from the chef’s garden; in Connecticut, dinner might feature scallops from Stonington, served on locally grown squash puree.
Menus That are Heart- and Brain-Healthy
For years doctors have been promoting a heart-healthy diet to help seniors maintain cognitive function. LCB chefs work with nutritionists to design meals with that in mind, packing menus with lean protein, leafy greens, fresh vegetables, and whole grains to support heart and brain health. Entrée specials might include grilled chicken, salmon, shrimp, or lean steak, paired with whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, along with leafy green salads and seasonal vegetables. The chefs even manage to include “comfort food” crowd pleasers like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, substituting lean ground turkey and sweet potatoes to pump up the nutrients without sacrificing flavor. The primary goal is always, as Chef Jeffry Muthersbaugh from Lighthouse at Lincoln puts it, to “tailor menu offerings to personal preferences as much as possible while making sure they’re nutritious and healthy.
For more information, or to schedule a visit, give us a call at (781) 619-9320.