Part-Time Work in Your Senior Years

March 3, 2016

If you or someone you know is over 65 and considering part-time work, you’re not alone; a recent study, of workers 50 and over found that two-thirds of them intend to stay working part-time during retirement, for a number of reasons. Some are seeking to rebuild nest eggs that took a hit during the recent recession; others have had benefits and pensions reduced; and thankfully, the overall improving health and longevity of older Americans have many simply opting for more active, working lifestyles.

For those seniors physically and cognitively able to consider it, part-time employment offers a significant upside: not only can it earn you extra cash, but the right gig can offer opportunities for social engagement and brain stimulation so critical for maintaining an active, healthy brain. The key is to find something rewarding with a flexible schedule that keeps you busy without feeling drained. So, where to start? We’ve got some ideas for you:

  1. Draw on Your Expertise: Your old boss would probably give anything to have someone with your experience whom she doesn’t have to train. Consider contacting an old employer and offering yourself up for special projects or consulting work.
  2. Freelance: If you have a skill like bookkeeping or editing and prefer working from home, freelance work might be a great option. Check out for a look at how the market works.
  3. Substitute Teaching or Tutoring: Did you used to teach full-time, or wish you had? Subbing at your local school, or tutoring out of your home, lets you flex those academic muscles for the hours you want – and for decent pay! Call your local school, post a tutor-for-hire listing on CraigsList, or Google some local tutoring centers to see what they’re offering.
  4. Seasonal Work: Springtime is crunch time for nurseries, accounting offices, and home improvement retailers looking for extra help; and of course you can always count on retailers looking to staff up over the holidays.
  5. Sporting Events: No matter what the season, local sports leagues and school athletic departments need to hire ticket takers, program vendors, and other part-time positions. If you like sports, those jobs put you where the action is, and get you into games for free! And if you have coaching or umpiring skills, get in touch with local youth teams, amateur leagues, and high schools to investigate hiring opportunities.

Did we get you thinking? There are lots of online job resources to check out as well, including Retired Brains and the Senior Job Bank. Good luck!