How to Help Seniors Feel More Comfortable in Their Masks

October 7, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a challenging time for many people, but seniors have been especially impacted by the problems related to the pandemic. Due to health- and age-related factors, the CDC warns that seniors are at an increased risk to the coronavirus. With that in mind, it is critically important to encourage the seniors in your life to wear a mask if they are able. Below are tips on how you can best promote mask-wearing and pointers to make personal protection more comfortable for seniors.

Make it Breathable

One of the biggest challenges of wearing a mask for anyone is breathing while having your nostrils and mouth fully covered. Taking into consideration the extra respiratory difficulties that certain seniors experience, wearing a mask can feel both restricting and overwhelming.

According to recommendations given by the CDC on selecting a mask, two or more layers is suggested to offer the best protection. To maximize safety while also allowing comfortable breathing, consider mask options made from breathable materials—such as cotton blends or bamboo fabric. Similarly, proactively keeping one’s face hydrated and moisturized can prevent dryness, irritation or unwanted breakouts.

Make it Comfortable

Not only can wearing a mask feel stuffy, but having a mask secured for extended periods of time can cause irritation and discomfort to the back of an individual’s neck and ears. In order to alleviate some of this pressure for seniors, bear in mind a few of these considerations:

  • Look into masks that tie behind the head
  • Paper masks offer a light-weight option for seniors who find fabric too heavy
  • Masks with wire can be sculpted to better fit the face and stay in place

Additionally, many seniors rely on glasses for their vision needs. Unfortunately, new mask regulations can make it harder for eyeglasses to sit comfortably on the nose and ears. For the seniors in your life that wear glasses, it’s smart to look at mask options with a nose bridge or find new eyeglass options that offer a more comfortable fit and have the ability to virtually try-on safely from home. Finding frames that suit one’s face properly can also prevent lens fogging as well.

Make it Fun

In such challenging times, and when many seniors are separated from loved ones, even the smallest gestures can go a long way. Whether this means personalizing a senior’s mask with small details or finding a fun pattern, making the most out of the situation is sure to put a smile on their face.

Although wearing a mask can seem like a hassle, helping the senior in your life feel more comfortable in theirs show you care about their health and well-being. Try a few of these recommendations to keep the senior in your life happy, healthy and safe.

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