Special Ways to Honor Mothers Who Have Passed

May 15, 2018

Holidays can be tough times when you’ve lost a family member. Facing Mother’s Day without mom feels especially poignant, when the one person you’re supposed to be celebrating is painfully absent. Grief experts like Dr. Gail Saltz, writing on , advise us to embrace those feelings of sadness as a necessary part of the experience. “There’s no need to pretend it is not a melancholy time for you, “she advises. “It’s OK to … acknowledge that you are sad and miss your mother.” At the same time, it’s a healthy impulse to want to honor mom in some way – and there are lots of meaningful options that can help you feel more connected to her and tap into happy memories. Here are some ideas to think about:

Pay mom a visit: Is there a place you feel especially close to your mother – the beach, or her favorite park? Spend some time in a spot that makes it easier to feel close to her.

Do something that’s uniquely “her”: The Mother’s Day after my mom passed away, I rented a favorite movie of hers that I had never seen. Stretch yourself and connect with something that defined her, whether it’s taking a crack at her beloved Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle or streaming her favorite show tunes.

Dip into Mom’s closet: If you’re able to, wear a piece of mom’s jewelry or an accessory – or pass one along to a spouse or daughter.

Cook like mom: Did your mother have a signature recipe or two? Celebrate her by cooking up one of her favorites for your family. Or bake a batch of her best cookies and share them with your neighbors.

Give to a cause she loved: Whether it’s writing a check or donating a few hours of your time, it can feel uplifting to support a cause that you know Mom cared deeply about.

Teach your children: If you have kids, spend some time teaching them a craft or activity you and your mom shared a passion for. Bird watching, knitting, bike riding – take an hour or two to invite them into an experience that will be fun for them and bring back happy memories!

Plant new memories: Watching things grow can be a huge part of any healing process. Plant something that connects with mom in some way – an herb garden, if she loved to cook; lilacs that flower around Mother’s Day; or her favorite cutting flowers.

Show yourself some love: Finally, your mom would want you to take some time off to do what you need today – so be intentional about carving out time to nurture yourself a bit. Let someone else take care of dinner; binge watch that show you’ve been dying to see; or take the proverbial spa day. What better way to celebrate your mom than giving yourself what she would want for you!

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