The Importance of Engagement Directors in Our Communities

October 24, 2019

When evaluating senior living communities, pay close attention to the daily schedule of programs available to residents. Often overlooked, it is a very important aspect of everyday life for seniors. One of the many keys to healthy living and cognitive well-being is leading an engaging and active lifestyle. It is imperative that upon moving into a community, a resident can continue participating in activities that they genuinely enjoy, as well as try new things. Our Engagement Programs offer experiences that are varied, stimulating, and promote continued learning. Our daily programming is tailored to the interests of our residents and is largely based off of their suggestions and hobbies. Engagement activities focus on a variety of categories including art, music, culture, language, history, physical wellness, and social interaction. Additionally, activities are offered in many different forms, such as outings to museums, lectures from local experts, friendly card tournaments, book discussions, painting classes, and more. 

Our Engagement Director’s set the tone and energy for their team and for the residents they support. Most importantly, though, our Engagement Directors and their associates provide residents with a sense of purpose and “joie de vivre” that they may feel they’ve lost in their older years. 

We asked one of our wonderful Engagement Directors to share what she believes to be the most important and satisfying parts of her role. Here’s what she said:

            “As Engagement Directors, we establish positive relationships with our residents and help them find their sense of community – not only in our building, but with the local community as well. It’s my job to ensure that residents have the opportunity to engage in programs that they are passionate about, whether or not there are personal limitations. They can explore their interests just like they could in their younger years. This allows them to try out new hobbies, have exciting experiences, and continue their lifelong learning. In the end, we give our residents the opportunity to do whatever it is that makes them happy!” 

As Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Lifelong learning supports mental and physical health and provides a sense of independence and self-pride that may otherwise dissipate with age. It makes sense, then, that the goal of our Engagement Directors is to engage their residents and empower them to continue pursuing their passions, to rediscover an old interest, or to develop new ones.

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