The Value in a LCB Reflections Memory Care Community

July 7, 2014

Are you considering moving your loved one into a Memory Care community but are confused or frustrated by the high cost? If so, you’re not alone! It can be difficult to wrap your head around the monthly fees associated with Memory Care Living, especially when compared to Independent or Assisted Living. But there are reasons for the high price of Memory Care, some obvious and some not so much; understanding exactly what you’re paying for will reassure you that the cost is worth it.

First of all, let’s talk about the main difference between Memory Care and the other levels of Senior Living. Unlike Independent and Assisted Living, Memory Care does not only give your loved one a place to live and an engaging activities calendar to participate in but they also ensure that personal care aides spend one-on-one time with every resident, every day. Aides are there to help your loved one with any or all tasks, from assisting them with dressing to helping them move from one room to the next – your parent is being watched and helped 24/7.

At LCB Memory Care communities, otherwise known as Reflections Memory Care, one of the ways we add value to the cost is by creating an activities calendar designed specifically to help engage and stimulate Memory Care residents. On a daily basis residents are encouraged to partake in a number of games and exercises developed to strengthen their cognitive and physical abilities. Residents are cared for by our supportive staff, who understand that positive attitudes are the key to maintaining a productive and upbeat environment.  Our residents also enjoy frequent visits from those in the Independent and Assisted Living communities who come to chat and play games with them. This sort of interaction between community segments fosters a palpable sense of family among all of our residents that is priceless.

Further, key to keeping memory care residents engaged and mentally acute is close interaction throughout the day.  A good community will not only have a vibrant activities calendar, but a strong program of one-on-one activities as well.

These distinctions play a big role in the cost difference between Independent & Assisted Living vs. Memory Care Living. If you’re considering hiring in-house assistance be sure to take a hard look at the numbers; it’s often as expensive if not more expensive than Memory Care and you should also note that dementia sufferers do best when surrounded by others – being alone for long bouts of time or going unstimulated often worsens their anxiety/mood.

When it comes to the cost of Memory Care Living, it’s good to understand you’re not just putting a roof over your loved one’s head; you’re giving them around the clock care in a safe and warm environment. If you’d like more information regarding costs and value, please feel free to contact us at 781-619-9320.