Understanding Independent Living

February 27, 2014

When you think about helping a loved one choose a senior community offering Independent Living, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably not the beautiful walking paths they’ll have access to, the daily encouragement from staff to engage in their favorite hobbies or the ability to come and go as they please. Do you think about them coming home after an afternoon of golfing or canoeing to a lit, warm and comfortable environment where they’ll be greeted by fellow residents and staff? Because that’s what Independent Living is: Having the comforts of on-site services, help and (if necessary) care, while maintaining the freedom to do as one pleases.

Residents enjoy top-notch services and peace of mind, while their families enjoy worry-free days! Okay, there may still be worries, but they’ll be over which sibling is visiting Mom this weekend and not about whether she can manage the walk after it snows or is up to negotiating the basement stairs to do laundry.

Communities offering Independent Living are safe and social environments where seniors can live each day the way they want to but also have the assurance that if they do eventually require more assistance, they can easily move into a more advanced level of care.The benefits of Independent Living are countless, but let’s begin understanding it better by focusing on the freedom from household chores that maintaining a home requires. Now your loved one’s biggest daily obligation will revolve around choosing whether to partake in a community event or relax and unwind in their private apartment. Life just got a lot more enjoyable!

When a resident wishes to go off-site, they can schedule local transportation or just head off in their own car, which they’re welcome to keep parked on-site. In order to ensure resident’s days are fulfilling and enjoyable, most communities collaborate with local businesses and organizations to provide seniors with an assortment of resources to utilize and activities to participate in. For example some communities establish relationships with town wellness or fitness centers, giving their residents access to the facility’s equipment, pool, courts and/or classes. Many communities also partner up with Senior Job Banks to assist residents interested in finding a part-time job to help stay productive and cognitively/physically fit.

Far too often, and in most other Independent Living communities, cookie-cutter programs are developed in an effort to stimulate or entertain residents. Even if these events are well attended, they usually only engage a small percentage of those present; whether due to poor planning or execution, lack of actual interest in the topic or event, or because most residents in attendance are there due to an absence of other options. LCB recognizes and embraces the fact that every resident is different, and therefore has unique and individualized interests and passions. Our communities allow them to enrich their daily lives, and do so on their own terms.

For more information about Independent Living at one of our communities, please contact us at info@lcbseniorliving.com or call us at 781-619-9320.