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Tuesday, September 14 at 7pm EST

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Project Overview

Needed Housing Options for Area Seniors

LCB Senior Living is a Massachusetts-based developer and operator of high-quality senior housing communities with roots going back nearly 30 years. The company’s management team were among the pioneers of modern assisted living in the northeast, and have created and/or managed approximately 50 senior living communities throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic states.

Our proposal, The Residence at Bedford, is for a 92-apartment senior living residence at 240-244 South Road in Bedford. The site is currently occupied by Iovino Excavating, an industrial provider of stone and gravel. Though professionally run, the noise, truck traffic, and air quality issues associated with this operation are out of step with the residential neighborhood that has sprung up around it. By repurposing this site for The Residence at Bedford, the town will improve quality of life for residents, meet a growing need for assisted living In Bedford, and gain more than $250,000 per year in taxes and revenues.

Community Collaboration


Michael A. Stoller, CEO:

We believe that collaborating with host communities always results in a better project. That’s why it is important for us to collect feedback from residents, take it to heart, and present a proposal that makes sense for everybody.

It is our promise that we will continue to operate in this manner at every step of the development process. Whether it is updating this website with the most current information about the project, or hosting community meetings or one-on-one conversations, we will keep everyone as up-to-date as possible.

Please continue to check in here for updated project renderings, project facts, upcoming municipal meetings, or if you have a question you’d like answered. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with the Town and residents. We welcome questions and feedback at anytime. Please contact us at (781) 619-9325.

We also encourage you to visit LCB’s website to learn more about how we do business.

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About LCB Senior Living

LCB Senior Living, LLC is New England’s second-largest developer and operator of Independent, Assisted and Memory Care Living communities. Established in 2011, LCB is distinguished by its beautiful campuses and insistence on the highest caliber of hospitality and service.

This commitment to service colors daily life in our communities—whether they be new buildings we construct, legacy communities such as this one or the communities we manage for third-party owners. It is also embodied in the other key pillars of our company: the highest standard of resident care, professional-grade culinary services (Anytime Dining), thoughtful and intelligent resident engagement events, clean, welcoming buildings, and every aspect of the experience that we provide.

LCB’s leadership has experience in New England senior housing that goes back to the early 1990’s and carries a reputation of building communities that are beautiful, successful and positive members of their host communities.

To contact LCB Senior Living, call (781) 619-9325.

Senior Living Options

The proposed community will include Assisted and Memory Care living options along with temporary and respite stays. Please click the tiles to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will The Residences at Bedford be located?

A: We are proposing to build at 240-244 South Road in Bedford- residents may know it as the site of Iovino Extracting. This is a very residential area, and our plans for the site are designed to fit into the residential aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Q: How many people will live there?

A: Our proposal calls for 92 units, which will house 104 seniors at full capacity. Additionally, we will create approximately 50-60 full-time jobs ranging from administrators to caretakers to chefs.

Q: How will the project effect traffic on South Road?

A: We are still conducting a full traffic study, but we can already make some things clear: very few of our residents own cars when they move into our facilities; even fewer drive with any regularity. The Residences at Bedford will have shuttles for shopping, visits, and excursions- this reliance on group trips and carpooling means even our most active residents generate fewer automobile trips than an independent homeowner.

Q: What will the building look like?

A: We have built senior living centers across New England that have matched the style and design of their communities; The Residences at Bedford will be no exception. We encourage you to look at our previous facilities and review the renderings for this project to get a sense of what you can expect on this project.

Q: How will this project impact the municipal budget?

A: Every one of our senior living centers in other towns is a net-positive to their host communities, and The Residences at Bedford will be no exception. Our conservative estimate for net revenues to the town Is $252,949 per year, primarily through the collection of increased property taxes. This is inclusive of the cost of extending municipal services to our facility.

Q: Does Bedford really need this?

A: Increased residential options for seniors were identified in 2019’s Bedford Housing Study, drafted by the Bedford Planning Board, as an issue of concern. The report stated that “the growth in the senior age group far outpaces growth in all of the other age groups In Bedford, most of which are also growing.” As a result, assisted living options like The Residences at Bedford can provide a way for the expanding senior population In Bedford to remain in the community they have lived in all their lives and to keep in close contact with friends and loved ones.

Q: What does the project need to begin construction?

A: This proposal requires a rezoning of 240-244 South Road as the next step towards making it a reality. We hope to present Bedford with a Warrant Article, for consideration at the next Town Meeting, which would enable this project to move forward in the planning and permitting process. Bedford residents, especially those living near the proposed site, are encouraged to connect with us to learn more about the project and what this proposed zoning change would entail.