An Ode to Independence

July 3, 2024

When it comes to American quotes about freedom and independence, there’s no shortage of inspiration! From the timely, “Home of the free because of the brave,” to the classic, “Give me liberty or give me death,” as stated by Patrick Henry during the Virginia Convention of 1775, it is safe to say that “independence” continues to be a predominant theme in the American zeitgeist. (You can find even more inspirational quotes gathered here.

In American culture, it seems the young crave independence – from toddlers trying to buckle their own car seats to teenagers borrowing their parents’ cars. Then we work to preserve the freedoms we have and fight for those who don’t have access to the freedoms they deserve – such as societal inequalities. And finally, we resist relinquishing our independence as we age. Pursuing and preserving freedom and independence is in our blood! 

It feels even more evident this time of year, Independence Day celebrations are in full swing. So what does it mean to really “be free” as we age? Here’s what we believe independence should look like in a premier senior living community. 

The freedom to decide what you eat and when.

You get to choose your meals from a variety of gourmet restaurants and seasonal options, at the time that works for you – morning, noon, or evening. Or, you can cook in your own top-of-the-line, amenity-stocked kitchenette. 

The freedom to participate in any engagement activity – or not.

There’s no pressure to attend any classes or outings unless you want to. You can attend a watercolor painting class, a yoga practice, or a wine tasting – or you can sit back in your private apartment with a good novel. You have the freedom to fill your days doing whatever makes you happy. 

The freedom to make your home your own.

Your private apartment is just that – yours. You can move into an impeccably, fully furnished apartment, or you can provide your own pieces of furniture, art, plants, and decorations that make it feel reminiscent of your home. And yes, you can even bring your beloved pet. It wouldn’t be home without Fido or Fluffy! 

The freedom to live the life you love.

You’ve worked hard to build the life you want, and now you get to truly enjoy it. Gone are the days worrying about home maintenance and repairs, shoveling snow, and cleaning gutters. Have friends and family come by wherever you want, or enjoy the company of like-minded seniors. 

The freedom not to worry.

Peace of mind is the ultimate luxury. Knowing that you have access to just the right amount of care or support whenever you need it is both comforting and freeing. 

If this is the kind of freedom and independence you’re seeking for yourself or a loved one, reach out to us. And if you think you know the truth about senior living communities, consider reading this eye-opening Myth Busting Guide.