Imagine You Being You Again!

Imagine having more time to do the things that make you happy: catching up on the best-seller list, getting out to the theater with friends, learning a new language or just relaxing with the people you enjoy. Imagine life without the worries and stresses of maintaining a home. Imagine you being you again. This is the life that awaits you at The Residence at Shelburne Bay.

Our charming Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care community, located in beautiful Shelburne, puts a premium on service and hospitality while providing a wealth of amenities to make life easy and enjoyable.

Serving Shelburne, Burlington, Colchester, Essex, Hinesburg, St. George, Williston, Winooski and other fine Greater Burlington communities.

185 Pine Haven Shores Road, Shelburne, VT 05482

(802) 347-6460

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A CEO's Perspective


Michael Stoller, CEO, discusses what makes LCB Senior Living unique and what inspires and motivates him every day.

You Are Welcome Here

The LCB family is an inclusive one, welcoming people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations. Our workplace and communities
are enriched by diversity, and all of the things that make you distinctly you!


When deciding on a senior living option, there are many things that contribute to the value you receive for your monthly rent. While there are tangible benefits such as a private apartment, three chef-prepared meals per day, transportation, daily engagement activities, 24-hour staffing & security and more, there are many less tangible but highly valuable aspects as well.

Great Assisted Living Care is Our Hallmark!

We specialize in providing expert Assisted Living services. From support with activities of daily living (ADL) such as walking escorts, bathing, dressing or toileting, to more extensive needs, we tailor care to each individual to make life easier and more fulfilling.

  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Personalized care plans to meet daily needs
  • Medication management and administration
  • Injections and crushed medications
  • Oxygen assistance
  • Support and coordination of advanced care needs (with third parties)
  • All associates certified by the National Institute for Dementia Education (NIDE)
  • A continuum of care to meet evolving needs
  • And more!

A Simple Quiz to Help Plot Your Course

Let us help. We’d love to show you everything our community has to offer. Answer a few simple questions to help us understand what’s important to you so we can provide an experience tailor made to meet your needs.

Service Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart is a dedication to hospitality and service. Our community is your home, and you deserve to feel comfortable and attended to in a courteous, professional manner. To that end, we hire and train hospitality specialists who not only provide a great lifestyle, expert care and family atmosphere, but do so with an unfailing attention to service. Watch the video to learn more.


Everyday Gourmet

“One cannot think well,
love well, sleep well,

if one has not dined well.” 

– Virginia Woolf

The famed author’s words capture our culinary philosophy perfectly. We combine gourmet dining principles with variety, wellness and a true restaurant experience to put meal time in its rightful place at the center of a perfect day!

Community Engagement

Our residents have enjoyed rich life experiences, and our community’s Engagement Program is as unique as the individuals who live here. Your days will be full of opportunities for continuing education, culture, physical wellness and fun.

View our Independent Living or our Assisted Living Engagement Calendar to see what events are going on in the community.

You can also view our Reflections Memory Care calendar here.

See what our residents and families are saying!

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Kay The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I visited this facility We liked The Residence at Shelburne Bay. It was a pretty new, clean, and well-maintained facility. It was bright, cheerful looking, and nicely furnished. They had a variety of activities and living spaces. The staff seemed very friendly. Everybody that we interacted with was welcoming. Just as we were walking through, the few interactions we saw between staff and the residents seemed very caring and considerate.
A Place for Mom
Ben The Residence at Shelburne Bay
Such an incredible experience with these folks. Sarah was particularly helpful - answered our questions thoroughly, made my mom truly feel like a VIP, so welcoming and inviting. We felt like we were truly part of the family!
Diana The Residence at Shelburne Bay
My parents moved in almost five years ago. They shared a two bedroom apartment in assisted living until my father passed. He was blind and had dementia. Dad loved it there and was able to participate in many activities. He especially loved the dining room where they knew his name and favorite meals, just like a regular. My mother was very grateful for the caregivers’ compassion and support after my father died. My mother was fiercely independent and private, which the staff supported while keeping her safe. I felt like my mom received the best care possible in a lovely residence with beautiful grounds. My mom loved the walking path around the pond and sitting on the bench to listen to the wildlife. It always made me smile to see rocking chairs filled with residents in amongst the flowers on a sunny day. Mom just passed after a year-long slow decline and then rapidly failing for two weeks. The caregivers were amazing! They supported my mom and myself through a very difficult time. I cannot imagine going through that alone. Thanks to everyone!
A Place for Mom
The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I live at The Residence at Shelburne Bay and what has stuck out the most to me about this facility would be the friendliness of the workers as well as the other residents.
Denise The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I visited this facility My mother-in-law will be moving into The Residence at Shelburne Bay. It is a very beautiful place and a lot of amenities are included. The room is nice, large, and spacious. The day that we went, they were having dinner and the food smelled incredibly delicious. You sit at the table, you have a menu, and you let the waitstaff know what it is that you would like for your meal. My mother-in-law spoke to two different residents that were living there at two different times and they both told her that it's fabulous and that she's going to fit right in there and couldn't say enough good about it. They have a huge dining area, very friendly, very nice, beautifully set up, and restaurant style. We have been there a couple of times and it has not always been the same staff, and every single staff member has been fully informed of their job. They love it. No criticism, no negativity. Everybody was all positive and we spoke to many different people there on different occasions and they all spoke very highly of where they work. They all said that they loved their job. It was dinnertime, so no activities were going on at that time. There are many different activities. They have exercise, physical therapy, swimming, movies, puzzles, dancing, and there's a wine and cheese social. They also provide on Sundays church, which is very important for us as well. She doesn't have to leave the building. She can attend mass right there onsite. They have a hair salon. They have everything. It's wonderful. Laundry and housekeeping are included. Everything was very clean and very well attended to. Nothing dirty, nothing left behind. It was very nice. Right now, everything has been wonderful and no complaints whatsoever.
Mary The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident My brother has moved to The Residence at Shelburne Bay. I like the setting and the facility is beautiful. They offer different types of services that cover emotional, social, and physical like exercise programs. They have different programs based on the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs of the resident, and each of these programs is categorized. The staff is phenomenal, they're very friendly, and we're very pleased. But like every other place in the country, they can't get the staffing they really would like. They have a refrigerator and microwave in the room. When we came, we didn't have furniture so they furnished it for us, which I understand we can keep as long as we need. They have a bed, couch, chairs, and bureaus and things for a 2-bedroom apartment. They also have an outdoor space, and there is an indoor pool in the building. They have chairs and things outdoors, and there are often a lot of activities in the courtyard like music programs and barbecues.
Jeanne The Residence at Shelburne Bay
When I was first moving my mother to VT from out of state, she was interviewed via Zoom to determine placement. It was suggested she move right into the memory care unit (Reflections). I was quite surprised at the time, but clearly see now (1.5 yrs later) that the person who made this decision made the right decision by far. I am so grateful for everything the staff does for our mom. The nursing staff, the associates, the maintenance team, the kitchen staff and their amazing food, the entire place is so much more than I could have asked for. Mom's room is always tidy and mom is always clean and well cared for. She is treated like she is part of each person's family, with kindness, dignity and respect. The Residence at Shelburne Bay is truly amazing, they have my total trust, and I highly recommend them.
A Place for Mom
S The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I loved this community but it was way more expensive than another community that we were looking at. We also did not feel like they had more amenities than the other communities that we looked at. They also required you to have to pay for 3 meals and my loved one would not have been able to do this.
A Place for Mom
The Residence at Shelburne Bay
The community is very clean and the staff members are great. The meals could be a little bit better in regards to the quality and sometimes they are not served as hot as they should be. The activities are good, they do have a nice variety and they are currently working hard on different things to get the families engaged with the residents. We also like the larger courtyard they have here.
A Place for Mom
The Residence at Shelburne Bay
Our family had an in person tour and The Residence at Shelburne Bay was outrageously wonderful, they would get 10 out of 10 stars. We did not mind the travel since we loved this community but the price was just a little to out of reach. However we loved the way they treated their memory care residents, this is the place you want your loved one to be with memory loss issues. The staff members and just everything about this community was mind blowing.
David The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I visited this facility The Residence at Shelburne Bay was good. It was a little more expensive there, which was a factor in our decision. It's probably one of the top of the line assisted living facilities in the area. The rooms were like typical small apartments anywhere in the world, but it was nice. I liked it. I also liked the menu, but I remember the really long hallways in the place. It's pretty linear, and I didn't care for that much. The administrative staff who toured us was very pleasant and knowledgeable. They have a library, fairly extensive gym equipment, and seemed well stocked for what it is.
Charlotte The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I love working here! Everyone’s super nice and it’s a great environment. Even the residents are very kind and make my job a lot easier. This is by far the best first job.
Darrell The Residence at Shelburne Bay
Best place I ever worked in my 15 plus yrs of housekeeping
Erica L. The Residence at Shelburne Bay
My parents moved to Shelburne Bay in October of 2019, first to Assisted Living and later to Memory Care (Reflections) managed by Lydia Raymond. The engagement staff in assisted living were welcoming, interesting, and a joy to be around. They welcomed my kids and I to join in on the fun anytime which we did often (pre-COVID) Musical events, chair exercise, and trivia were some of our favorite activities. When Mom moved to Memory care the staff spent a lot of time listening to the family to help with her adoption to the new unit. No one wants to be in a position where this level of care is needed and there were some bumps as you would expect but Lydia and her team were always open to feedback and we worked together to adapt routines and the environment to best meet Mom’s needs (ever changing for a dementia patient) They never said “no”, it was always a conversation and an exchange of ideas. This level of collaboration with the family is not found everywhere and I truly hope they recognize how special they are. I would also comment that Lydia is working hard to groom a close-knit care team whom truly enjoy what they are doing and don’t reek of burn-out. They treat the residents on this unit like family and they take their responsibility to care for them seriously. Also an important indicator, some staff on this unit openly shared they like working here above other facilities as the workload is more fair. I truly hope “corporate” rewards the members of this team who go above and beyond. They make all the difference.
A Place for Mom
Kathleen The Residence at Shelburne Bay
We chose this community because they had assisted living and memory care. She was able to transfer to memory care without having to change facilities. When you walk in, you felt like you were walking into a really nice hotel. The room sizes in the memory center were not so big, but assisted living was fantastic, they were like a small condo. My mother was a phenomenal cook, so no food was as good as hers, but she still enjoyed the food. They had menus based off diet restrictions, but the food was very good. My mother loved their deserts, they had a lot of variety. My favorite part about The Residence at Shelburne Bay is how personable and attentive the staff is. It is all about the residents here. They know everything about every patient and they are not judgmental.They would call 2-3 a day for updates on my mom, there was great communication from the staff at all times. They still call me even after my mom has passed to see if there is anything I need. It is like family. I would not recommend any other place.
Stewart The Residence at Shelburne Bay
NO, some felt it was excessive but I did not
Ruth The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I visited this facility The Residence at Shelburne Bay was beautiful, clean, and full of light and positivity. The woman in-charge was incredible, really engaged with the people who live there, very positive, and knew everybody's name. The residents seemed very happy and very well cared for. His room is going to be a small 1-bedroom, but there were options. They had an indoor swimming pool, a therapy pool, and a beautiful library. They do activities, they go out to the town, they have beautiful grounds, and the residents are involved in gardening. They have a European trained chef and they have the regular dining room and the pub, which is a little more casual and they can go there at certain hours of the day.
Lee The Residence at Shelburne Bay
The Residence at Shelburne Bay ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Emma The Residence at Shelburne Bay
This is one of the best place you can put your family members, we have the most caring staff that care for the residence like there family. My mom has worked here for over 10years my sisters and brother work here and I work here it’s a family affair! The culture the mangers set forward is impeccable!
Amber The Residence at Shelburne Bay
I love working at Shelburne bay. It's like a big family. I also couldn't ask for a better director for reflections!

Lifestyle Technology

We use the latest technologies to make your life easier, provide engaging programs and keep you safe. Click below to learn more about how we enrich our residents lives.

LCB Senior Living has partnered with REACT Neuro, a groundbreaking company that is transforming the world’s knowledge of, and access to, cognitive health information and aims to provide unprecedented insight into how our brains change as we age. The program hopes to provide access to data that will help predict the likelihood of a number of conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, urinary tract infections, fall-risk and more.


“I don’t think this is the tip of the
iceberg, this is the tip of the universe.”
– Michele Gannon, Vice President of Quality Control & Care


This exclusive collaboration between LCB and REACT allows us to deepen our commitment to our resident’s health and provide them with information that identifies health risks before they occur.

Seniors clapping during an activity

Hospitality Services

  • Complimentary transportation
  • Visiting healthcare professionals
  • Exercise space and classes
  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry and linen services
  • Maintenance and handyman




Living Rooms

Entertainment Spaces


Private Dining

Heated Indoor Pool


Your Home on a Grand Scale

At The Residence at Shelburne Bay, your home is much more than your apartment. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful spaces to make life interesting and comfortable. Living rooms, private dining, landscaped grounds, a fitness area and bistro — all of these amenities are part of your grand, new home.

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The Residence at Shelburne Bay

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