10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

October 25, 2023

If you are someone who feels like Halloween sneaks up on you every year and you’re suddenly expected to have a thoughtful costume together, fear not! If you’re looking for a clever, simple, last-minute costume, we have you covered.


Whether you have a costume party to attend, a community get-together, or even just expecting some trick-or-treaters at your door, there’s no reason not to get into the festive spirit with these easy ideas. 


Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Smartie Pants

Use a glue gun or double-sided tape to affix a whole bunch of Smarties, the small, colorful candy rolls, to your trousers, and – voila – you’re a sweet Smartie Pants. 


Daddy Warbucks

This is an easy one for any bald man with a tux. Don your fancy duds, channel your inner Albert Finney, and tell everyone you’re little orphan Annie’s hero! 


Cat in A Hat

 Literally any hat will do – it doesn’t have to be “the” red and white striped hat from the Dr. Seuss classic. Pop a hat on your head and a little eyeliner for cat “whiskers” and you’re good to go. 



Very of the moment, you can channel Barbies feminine spirit with any head-to-toe pink ensemble. Don’t forget your pink accessories to really pull the costume together. 



It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s an easy costume! Grab a throw blanket and tie it (loosely) around your shoulders like a cape and you’ll be ready to save the world faster than a speeding bullet. 


Atlas Shrugged

If you can find a large map, you can create a costume. Cut a slit or hole in the middle of the map and slip it over your head. If anyone asks you what you’re dressed as simply shrug your shoulders… you’re Atlas Shrugged, the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand


Greek God/Goddess

A strategically wrapped white sheet will have you feeling regal and ready to party. Add some shiny gold accessories, simple sandals, and you’re set from head to… toga.


Queen of Hearts

Separate the entire heart suit from a deck of playing cards. Fan them out in an overlapping circle and staple them or tape them together to create a collar. Wear it around your neck with some red lipstick and let people bow to your Queen of Hearts highness!  


Formal Apology

Suitable for men or women, this creative costume requires just a fancy outfit (the more formal the better) and either a nametag or a homemade sash that says “Apology.” Who doesn’t appreciate a Formal Apology?! 


Thing 1 and Thing 2

Another nod to Dr. Seuss, this partner costume is as simple as affixing white circles to red shirts. Use a black Sharpie to write “Thing 1” on one circle and “Thing 2” on the other, and you are the rambunctious twins from The Cat in the Hat. Bonus points if you pop on blue wigs!


No matter what you wear, remember that Halloween is a holiday based on whimsical – and sometimes spooky – fun. Get creative and enjoy the celebration!