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Honoring Father’s Day from a Distance

June 17, 2020

Father’s Day and the start of summer are on the same weekend this year, but a family cook-out or usual celebrations will probably look quite different. If dad is at a higher risk for contracting the coronavirus or is over the age of sixty-five, it may be in his best interest to cancel this year’s Father’s Day gathering. If you’re struggling to figure out how to honor dad from afar, and a virtual celebration is not in the cards, consider some of these ideas:


In lieu of seeing dad on Father’s Day, encourage those family members that can safely practice social distancing to volunteer for a meaningful cause. Maybe dad has always enjoyed strolling through a nearby park that needs cleaning. If he supports a local food pantry, spend the day lending a hand there. Whatever it may be, dad will surely beam with pride knowing that you’re volunteering your time on his behalf.

Make a Donation

Show your love by donating to a cause that is near and dear to his heart. If he’s a veteran, choose a charity that supports local vets and their families. For the dad that is an animal lover, consider making a donation in his name to his preferred shelter or animal rights organization. Supporting an issue that he cares deeply about is a lovely way to honor your dad this Father’s Day.

Write to Him

For the old-fashioned dad, there’s no better way to show you care than by sending something handwritten in the mail.  A letter detailing all the things you love about him will be more impactful than a store-bought greeting card. Or, if you have a flair for story-telling, record some of your favorite memories from childhood that include him. He’ll appreciate the thought and effort and will love being able to read what you wrote over and over again.

Make a Slideshow

Is your dad guilty of taking tons of photos over the years but never organizing them? Spend some time sorting through family photos that span your lifetime and put them together in a digital slideshow. Add music that is meaningful to you both and send it along via email. Then, set up a time on Father’s Day when you can call him (or video chat if he’s tech-savvy!) while he watches it. Don’t be surprised if dad sheds a tear or two!

Cook His Favorite Meal

Food can conjure up many memories and create nostalgia. While you may not be able to break bread with dad this year, you can still feel close to him by cooking and eating his favorite foods.  Let him know you’ll be doing so, and maybe he’ll be inspired to do the same at home. Top it off with his favorite homemade dessert.

No matter how you choose to honor dad this Father’s Day, he is sure to be touched by your thoughtfulness!

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