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Holiday Gift Ideas for An Aging Parent

December 7, 2016

The holiday shopping season has begun in earnest! Aside from battling the mall crowds, the toughest part of it all can be coming up with gift ideas – particularly for elderly parents. Chances are, they have most of what they need; and if they’ve downsized, they’re looking to keep clutter to a minimum.  We’ve gotten lots of inspiration over the years from LCB families’ creative ideas for parents in assisted living – here are some of our favorites, nearly all of which can be found on Amazon:

  • Since most elderly people rely heavily on weather conditions for safe travel outside the house, a home weather monitoring station is a great idea to consider. Most models give the indoor and outdoor temperature, with added info like local weather forecasts, wind chill factors, and rainfall amounts. Look for products with clear graphics and well-lit screen displays – we like this one from AcuRite.
  • Misplacing car and house keys is a common annoyance for the elderly, and a remote key finder is an effective, low-cost solution. The KeyRinger Key Finder Pair is one we like a lot, featuring two battery-operated remotes that can call one another or be called from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The call signal is loud and clear on this model, with buttons that are decent-size and easy to navigate.
  • For a back-to-basics idea, consider a pair of warm, water-resistant gloves. Even if mom or dad has some they like, we can all use an extra pair, particularly in the New England winter climate! Look for brands that offer handgrips and are on the thinner side for enhanced dexterity. Isotoner offers the widest selection we’ve seen, and at a great price point.
  • Since seniors tend to feel cold even when the heat’s cranked up, a polar fleece lap blanket is a great gift option. They’re machine-washable, hold up well, and have a cozy no-scratch feel on delicate elderly skin. Along with the dozens of options available on Amazon, we also really like the polar fleece throws made by The Company Store.
  • If mom or dad enjoys taking pen to paper, take a look at the Letters to My Grandchild hardback collection. It comes with 12 letters, all with unique prompts designed to help writers share advice and memories. “Here is a special story about my family,” begins one letter; another starts with “When your mom/dad was young…” All are meant to elicit precious memories and advice that grandchildren can enjoy long after their grandparents are gone.
  • If mom or dad celebrates Christmas but isn’t able to accommodate a full-size tree, LL Bean offers a miniature balsam table-top version that arrives decorated and ready for viewing on any table or sideboard. What an easy, low-maintenance way for mom or dad to enjoy that holiday fragrance in the house! And when the season’s over, the tree is small enough to just go out with the regular trash – no need for curbside pick-up.

For more holiday ideas for seniors, head to the website!