LCB’s Open Campus approach is a new school of thought that allows all residents to obtain the proper care and personalized programming, while also being fully active in the greater community.

Open Campus: What It Is and Why It Works

March 13, 2024

There are so many things to consider when you are exploring senior living communities, especially when your loved one may need memory care now or in the future. You want them to not only receive the best care, but also to be able to maintain their independence and quality of life. There is a new school of thought among companies like LCB Senior Living that allows all residents to obtain the proper care and personalized programming, while also being fully active in the greater community. This revolutionary concept is known as LCB’s Open Campus approach. 

Open Campus Over All 

LCB  is busting the myth that residents who reside on Reflections Memory Care lack social interaction and inclusion. In reality, the Open Campus approach encourages socialization through shared experiences for all residents.

In particular, this philosophy allows residents who reside on Reflections Memory Care to safely enjoy the entire community and its engagement offerings throughout the day, while also providing them with a secure sanctuary to return to for mindful programming, care, and safety. This encourages all of our residents to be active members of the community, to be independent, and to flourish. We believe that by integrating residents, we are able to expand their horizons and give them life experiences rather than just “activities.” 

Some people may not feel ready to move into a Reflections Memory Care neighborhood. However, residents who reside on Reflections establish a familiar, safe space to call home. Then, should their care needs change, their lives won’t be negatively impacted by having to move again later on. They can still socialize and participate in the larger community as much as they like. This can be hugely beneficial for the residents, and provide peace of mind for their families. 

“Our Open campus philosophy gives our  residents living on Reflections, the best of both worlds… the safe and structured environment of our researched-based Mindful Memory Care approach, and the luxury and flexibility to enjoy the full community campus as desired. with support, to aid in thriving living. It really is so moving to be able to support our residents in purposeful experiences, and to watch them build friendships, experience new things, and thrive.” 

Amber Evans, Vice President of Memory Care and Resident Engagement, LCB Senior Living 

The Neil Mindset

One anecdote to show the success of how mutually beneficial Open Campus is for all residents is what’s now known as “the Neil Mindset.” Neil is a resident who resides in a Reflections Memory Care neighborhood that had the opportunity to attend a technology class led by a local library. Neil’s extensive professional career was relevant to this particular topic, giving him a very unique perspective, understanding, and ability to contribute to the lecture. Because of Open Campus, Neil was able to engage on the topic, speak eloquently to the presenter, and provided a wealth of information to the entire class. Not only did Neil have an intellectually stimulating afternoon, and he added incredible value to everyone else in the program. That’s the beauty of Open Campus! 

Discover For Yourself 

LCB’s mindful, person-centered approach ensures that every resident will receive impeccable service, have access to incredible amenities and engagement programs, and live rich, thriving lives. 

We encourage you to reach out with any questions. Visit an LCB Senior Living community and see for yourself.