Senior Living Communities: Exploring Cost vs. Value

April 3, 2024

We all enjoy saving money when it is appropriate, and like to splurge when it’s “something special.” But when it comes to exploring living and housing options as we age, the costs can feel, well… costly. We believe it is best to weigh all of your options, determine what factors are most important to you, and land where you feel most comfortable. Besides just the dollars and cents cost of moving to a senior living community, there is true value in the intangibles that should be considered. 

Adding It Up

Let’s take a look at some of the quantifiable costs. If you are living alone, here are just some of the bills that you are responsible for: monthly rent/mortgage, home insurance, utilities, home maintenance – both planned and unexpected – food procurement and preparation, housekeeping/cleaning, and automobile/insurance or securing other transportation. When you list that out… It really adds up! On the flip side, all of that is included in the monthly rent at LCB Senior Living. Along with any monetary savings, just think about all the stress you’d also be saving by not worrying about missed payments, late checks, and the home damages brought on by any storm or season. 

When It Really Counts 

Not having to worry about writing and mailing multiple checks on multiple due dates, or cleaning your own apartment, or preparing every single meal might feel like a luxury – but at this point in your life, you’ve earned it!

Two things that are harder to quantify but are just as valuable: safety and security. You just can’t put a price on peace of mind. Living in a beautifully-maintained, clean and safe state-of-the-art apartment with every amenity imaginable…it’s the dream! And when/if you need a little assistance dressing or bathing or managing medications, you can get that around the clock in a quality assisted living community. And if you’re ever not feeling well, associate check-ins and 24-hour security will help you know that there’s always someone looking out for your welfare. 

Enriching and Fulfilling

The icing on top is the community. A vibrant and engaging social life is right outside your door, if you want it. Reputable communities have engaging activities, outings and events throughout each day that residents are welcome to attend should they choose. Or you might just want to cozy up with a book in your private apartments–it’s living a thriving lifeon your terms.

Delicious culinary events, music and dancing, continuing education, game nights, movie nights, fitness classes, self-care spa activities, shopping excursions, art exhibitions… and more! It is one of the key aspects of feeling good and staying active.

Invaluable Value 

When you get down to it, there is no denying that senior living has a cost, but the unseen value of peace-of-mind, a vibrant circle of friends and others provide a value that is hard to quantify.  The most important factor is finding the right place for you. Take some time and examine the hard and soft costs of senior living, and feel free to use this cost calculator to start the thought process.

To find out more about LCB Senior Living, we invite you to  reach out to us, or better still  visit a community. We’re always available to help you think through all of the aspects of this decision in a low-pressure way–after all, it needs to be a good fit for everyone!