Summer Goals: Simple Ways to Celebrate the Season

June 29, 2023

It’s official – summer is here! Remember when you were a child and the excitement of school being out and the summer months stretching out before you felt like an endless warm-weather adventure? Logistically, summers might not be the same as they were years ago, but we believe you can channel that nostalgic excitement and make this summer a really wonderful one. 

Here are some ideas to help get you thinking of fun in the sun. (Please note: Safety first! Consult your doctor or health care team before partaking in any new activity and only indulge in foods that are appropriate for your diet.) 

  • Eat a slice of juicy watermelon. It just tastes like summer!
  • Catch a sunrise or a sunset – either will do – and enjoy the beauty of nature. 
  • Go for a swim – or at least let your feet dangle in some refreshing water while you breathe in the fresh air.
  • Take in a movie outside at a drive-in. Bonus points if it is a summer classic like Jaws or even Beach Blanket Bingo!
  • Attend a BBQ with friends. There’s nothing like the smell of a grill and a sip of some sun tea to get you in a summer mood. 
  • Dine al fresco! Eating in the warm open air makes any meal feel like a special occasion. 
  • Make a new friend. No, this isn’t summer-specific, but pretend it is summer camp and go out on a limb to get to know someone new. 
  • See some fireworks! Even after July 4th, the illuminated celebrations continue. Find the best displays in your area here.
  • Enjoy a baseball game. Live, on television, or on the radio, enjoy America’s pastime and root for your favorite team. 
  • Indulge in an icy treat! An ice cream cone, a frozen yogurt cup, a Klondike, or even a popsicle can be just what the doctor ordered. 

Print out this list and check it off as you go. You can even share it with your friends and family and make it a summer challenge to see how many you can accomplish. Have a wonderful summer!