The Truth about Memory Care Programs

July 10, 2023

When it comes to Memory Care, we all want to make the best choices for our loved ones. Sometimes, questions and concerns can lead to a fear of the unknown. This certainly applies to Memory Care programs because many people just don’t know what to expect. We can make ourselves crazy by imagining periods of isolation and potentially sadness for mom or dad. 

This perception is understandable given that in many memory care situations residents are confined to one area of a community, with limited access to the greater community of residents.

Increasingly, companies like LCB Senior Living are seeking new ways to encourage socialization and interaction among its Reflections Memory Care residents and those living in Assisted and Independent apartments. 

Reflections is predicated on its “Open Campus” approach, which gives memory care residents full, safe access to the greater community throughout the day. They enjoy all of the activities throughout the building, all of the various common areas and amenities, and most of all, socialization with the entire population. They can then return to their secured neighborhood for quiet, care and overnight safety. Further, the memory care resident is able to establish and stay accustomed to a familiar, safe place that they do not need to move from as their needs change. It is truly the best of all worlds.  

It is important to remember that Memory Care exists for a reason. When families are looking for these services, it is because their loved one has exhibited symptoms of dementia and therefore can be a danger to themselves or others at home. Even if one does not feel “ready” to move into Memory Care, it is still often the most supportive and safest option. No one wants to wait until their loved one has fallen, wandered, or exhibited another kind of risky behavior. In addition to safety, oftentimes residents with dementia crave a calming environment to retreat to with all amenities researched to cater to the specific needs that they have. Often, when a resident enters into an “in-between” option, it can create more anxiety and confusion for them.

If there’s any question as to which level of care your loved one might need, speak to the professionals. At LCB, all of our Reflections Memory Care residents are evaluated by trained dementia experts to gauge where they are cognitively, so that we can provide each resident with the most ideal conditions for them to thrive. 

We remove the fear by making the process crystal clear: open, honest, safe, and secure. After all, creating an environment of engagement, connection, joy and fulfillment is always the goal!