Senior Living vs. Home: The Facts About Safety

Living at Home: Being social requires you to leave home and gather with others in potentially unsafe environments. Alternatively, inviting people into your home can pose its own threat of exposure. Avoiding social situations altogether can impact your happiness and well-being.
In a Community: There is a full day of opportunities to be social, in a way that is safe, socially distanced while being fulfilling.

Maintaining a Home
Living at Home: Obtaining food requires visiting crowded markets or having delivery people come to your house. Similarly, any household maintenance or repairs requires strangers to come to mow a lawn, fix a leaky faucet, or service appliances.
In a Community: Everything is taken care of for you. Food and other deliveries are thoroughly pre-sanitized, visitors are carefully screened, and you only need to go out when you choose to.

Living at Home: You are responsible for obtaining cleaning supplies or services, and you risk exposure from any packages or deliveries that enter your home.
In a Community: Our maintenance and housekeeping team is continuously disinfecting and cleaning high-touch surfaces, ensuring the safety of the building.