Health & Safety

A proactive approach to community safety with an emphasis on
living life fully.

Our communities combine the most advanced safety systems with a rich lifestyle of socializing, continuing education, culture and entertainment. Everything we do puts safety first while embracing a philosophy that life is to be lived.

Infection Prevention & Virus Control

We take safety and health very seriously. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have greatly enhanced our practices and procedures to detect and contain any viral breakouts.

Virus management is about three primary things:

  • Building Sanitation — We have deployed advanced electrostatic disinfecting technology at our communities, which sprays a very fine anti-viral mist onto surfaces and into cracks and crevices. This agent, which is harmless to humans, kills several types of viruses (including COVID-19) on-contact at a microscopic level and is extremely effective for deep cleaning.  In addition, our associate routine includes regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces, such as counters, door knobs, chairs and other items.
  • Personal Protection and Hand Hygiene — Virus-prevention and containment training has been amplified in our communities. These address building cleanliness and the need for individuals to practice strict personal hygiene and protection habits, including wearing masks at all times in the community and other personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed, frequent hand-washing, taking care when outside the community, and other measures.
  • Managing Interactions — The fight against transmission takes place at the doorway and during personal interactions.  We screen all associates and building visitors before they are admitted to the community; once inside, all are to wear masks. When an associate is entering the apartment of someone is showing symptoms or has tested positive, they are donning full PPE, and the resident is wearing a mask. Any resident who is showing symptoms or has tested positive remains in self-isolation within their apartment at all times until medically-cleared. All interactions throughout the course of the day are done observing proper social distancing. In situations where people must be closer, proper PPE is worn at all times.
LCB has always employed aggressive, proactive measures to protect residents and associates from exposure to viruses and other potential health issues. All of our communities have long-established protocols designed to identify and contain viral outbreaks, and we have introduced a number of decisive new measures in the wake of COVID-19. These include:

– All associates, visitors and vendors are screened before entering the community, including temperature and lifestyle/potential exposures.

– All associates and visitors wear masks.

– Communal engagement activities remain suspended, with programming happening individually or with distancing.

– Any resident or associate who tests positive for COVID-19 must obtain two negative test results or self-isolate for a minimum
of 30 days before returning to community life.

– All residents are provided with masks.

– A slow reopening of communal dining is in process, with the option for residents to be served in their apartments.

– Hand sanitation stations throughout the community.

– Will make regular testing available to residents and associates.

– Associates and residents are given ongoing training and the latest best-practices for keeping themselves and others safe.

A Letter from LCB Senior Living’s CEO, Michael Stoller, to associates.

To My Fellow Associates:

Between testing in our communities, keeping up constant communication with residents and their families, hoping that the peak of the outbreak is behind us, and concern for colleagues, friends, and those we care for possibly testing positive, suffice to say it’s been a stressful month. Yet through this trying and unprecedented experience, you have all been resolute in your commitment to our residents and to each other. I could not be prouder of this team.

Please know each of you and your families have not only been on my mind, but in the hearts and prayers of our residents and families, who continue to send messages of gratitude. Their feedback is a continuous reminder of your tireless efforts and compassion.

New Residents

In addition to these measures, we have strict resident move-in policies in place. New residents must:

  • Produce a recent (within two days) negative COVID-19 diagnosis, along with a letter from their physician stating that they are healthy.
  • Have been symptom-free for 14 days.
  • Pass screening on the day of move-in (temperature, blood oxygen, questions regarding possible exposure and travel).
  • Adhere to our physical moving-in policies, including using our approved vendors.

Visitors Policy

Many LCB Senior Living communities are now open for visits with family and friends, or will soon. Please call your Executive Director to confirm that visits are now permitted and for community-specific details or requirements.

Visitors of all communities must:

  • answer our COVID-19 screening questionnaire before gaining entry to the community,
  • follow all directional signage,
  • practice safe social distancing, and
  • wear a face mask as they move through public areas (both indoor and outdoor) of the community.

To learn more about our Social Visits Policy, click below.

Thank You
To Our Own Heroes!

Our residents and families wanted to show their gratitude to our front line associates. Watch our short video thanking our LCB heroes for their hard work & sacrifice!

Download our Comprehensive COVID-19 Guide for Seniors

Staying Safe
at Shelburne Bay

We took decisive measures from the start to keep our residents and associates safe; to keep our buildings clean and sanitized; all the while continuing to provide a positive lifestyle and personalized care. Watch this news feature about The Residence at Shelburne Bay in Vermont to learn about the kind of measures we’ve taken everywhere to keep everyone secure and healthy.

Video Chatting

Learn more about the different platforms you can take advantage of to connect with your loved ones virtually. If your loved one doesn’t have a smart phone, tablet, or computer, speak to your Executive Director today about setting up a time to video chat.